Germany, France and Italy Ink Pact on Future AI Regulation

CIOTechOutlook Team | Monday, 20 November 2023, 02:32 IST
France, Germany, and Italy have struck an agreement on how artificial intelligence should be governed, which is anticipated to speed up European Union discussions.The three countries support optional but obligatory agreements for small and major AI providers in the European Union who sign up to them.
The European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Council are negotiating how the bloc should position itself. In June, the European Parliament presented an "AI Act" designed to contain the risks of AI applications and avoid discriminatory effects, while harnessing the innovative power of AI, as per reuters.
During the debates, the European Parliament recommended that the code of conduct initially be applicable exclusively for significant AI providers, notably from the United States. According to the three EU countries, this apparent economic advantage for smaller European providers may have the unintended consequence of diminishing trust in them and resulting in fewer consumers.
According to them, the standards of behavior and openness should be binding on everyone. According to the document, no punishments should be enforced at first.
However, if infractions of the code of conduct are discovered after a specific amount of time, a penalty system might be established. According to the report, in the future, a European body would check compliance with the requirements. According to Germany's Economy Ministry, which oversees the matter with the Ministry of Digital Affairs, regulations and governmental authority should not regulate AI itself, but rather its implementation.
Minister for Digital Affairs Volker Wissing told Reuters that he was delighted that an agreement had been struck with France and Germany to limit just the use of AI.