I.D. Systems Introduces Vision Pro Next-Generation Fleet Management Software for Industrial Vehicles

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 27 April 2017, 10:23 IST

I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDSY), a leading provider of enterprise fleet management solutions for industrial trucks and material handling equipment, has launched its latest generation of user software, Vision Pro™. The new software platform is a complete re-design of I.D. Systems’ previous generation of user software, Vision®. The release of Vision Pro continues to strengthen I.D. Systems’ technology leadership position in the material handling industry, and provides enterprises with advanced capabilities to ensure they are running the safest, most secure, and lowest cost material handling operation.

Vision Pro takes material handling telematics to an entirely new level with an exception-based, intuitive and easy to navigate user interface with advanced technologies which allow for tighter integration with WMS, ERP and maintenance software packages. Combined with PowerFleet IQ®, the industry’s best-in-class analytics platform, this one-two combination improves the timeliness and quality of operational and strategic decision making.

The new software is available as a fully hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offering a lower total cost of ownership, or as a locally installed server-based system behind a customer’s own firewall. Vision Pro provides online user access on any device – mobile phone, tablet, or desktop – enabling users to manage their fleets and stay connected to critical operational information anytime, both on- or off-premises. With a simplified user interface, intuitive navigation, and streamlined system functionality, Vision Pro provides fleet operators better visibility of assets and an enriched user experience.

Chris Wolfe, I.D. Systems CEO, commented: “This new software release is an exciting step forward for us and our customers, and is the culmination of applying our nineteen years of industry knowledge, user feedback, and engineering capabilities to deliver the most advanced and reliable fleet management software available. The excitement our beta customers have shown tells us that our customers will love the new user experience, and will find managing their fleet and data to be easier, and simply more enjoyable. With Vision Pro, managers can do what they do best and let Vision Pro inform them when events need handling.”

Vision Pro delivers new reporting capabilities through best-in-class 3rd party embedded tools including report search, content search, advanced sorting, filtering, and graphing. Integration with Google Maps™ provides accurate visualization of asset location inside the facility, enabling managers, operators, and maintenance personnel to find vehicles faster and improve operational efficiency.

Vision Pro utilizes data collected from the PowerFleet® Vehicle Management System (VMS), consisting of an on-board device installed on material handling equipment, and user software. The on-board device collects and wirelessly transmits vehicle information including data on safety, compliance, maintenance, and efficiency. Vision Pro software provides tactical level operational information for site managers, while PowerFleet IQ® Analytics software provides a more analytical and strategic level of information for enterprise managers looking to improve operations across sites.