Importance of DevOps in Cloud Development

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 03 May 2018, 04:52 IST

Today, a majority of the cloud development projects are applying DevOps to their production and the benefits that projects are getting with the DevOps are much better than that of other methodology. The DevOps provides speed-to-delivery to deploy the needs of the clients quickly, enhancement in the project during its production, lower costs for development, testing, deployment, and operations. DevOps is the automation of agile methodology and cloud computing is the best platform for DevOps automation to perform testing, deployment, and production. Many public and private cloud computing providers support DevOps systemically on their platform, including continuous integration and continuous development tools. This integration lowers the cost and provides centralized governance. Centralized governance helps developers control operations centrally via the cloud. “DevOps has the potential to accelerate software development and release cycles, which can directly contribute to accelerating revenue and to the acquisition and retention of customers,” said John Gentry, CTO of Virtual Instruments.

As DevOps and cloud are making their way into the profits for enterprises, more CTO’s and technology leads will be working to remove the technical hurdles that have stifled the growth and opportunities for businesses. However, the enterprises need to go much further with a larger value of DevOps and to do so continuous agile deployment is required, which could be possible through cloud only.

Due to DevOps, Cloud computing has become more effective for the enterprises. The value and function of both DevOps and cloud computing are synergistic. You won’t get the value of one without doing both. On the Ops side, many businesses lack the organization and tools to make DevOps work. Various new approaches and their related technologies aren’t well understood yet, and traditional approaches are used to fulfill the need that produces low value to the businesses. To overcome these challenges DevOps needs to be understood and implemented efficiently, thus many of the decisions around DevOps tools and cloud platforms need to occur together. 

In order to make business fully agile, the culture of the enterprises and developers must be changed according to the way it is needed to drive DevOps and cloud development forward.  In order to do that enterprise, IT needs to make a huge investment to get through these changes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to provide better services in terms of time-to-market with solutions and application services.