IXTENT has Completed a Document Management System Upgrade for Respect Insurance Broker Group

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 23 February 2017, 09:57 IST

IXTENT has successfully completed upgrade of a document management system (DMS) running on OpenText platform at Czech-Slovak insurance company Respect. The project included folder structure optimization and integration with Karát information system.

A year ago, the Czech-Slovak insurance company Respect decided to upgrade its document management system to the latest available DMS version running on the OpenText platform. It invited IXTENT which has belonged among the leading partners of Canadian company OpenText on the European market since the last year, among others also thanks to its GOLD partner status.

Mainly the reimplementation and overall optimization of the folder structure and integration processes were challenging parts of the system upgrade. Another important part was the DMS integration (used for storing documents into client folders) with current Karát (ERP) information system where the Client required the possibility of reciprocal system utilization (reciprocal data mining). Folder structure optimization included incorporation of Respect’s operating records and HR documentation incorporation.

IXTENT successfully completed the project by the end of 2016. The document management system is the key working tool for Respect and its employees as it enables highly transparent organization of all documents they have to work with every day.