Juniper Networks Announces Technology Alliance Partnerships to Expand Software - Defined Secure Network

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 16 February 2017, 05:25 IST

An industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced technology alliance partnerships with several leading security providers across a variety of critical areas, including endpoint security, cloud access security and network access control. The companies joining Juniper’s existing alliances include market leaders Carbon Black, Netskope, CipherCloud, ForeScout and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. These partners will integrate their technologies with Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform, allowing customers to create cohesive security infrastructures with easily managed and deployed best-in-class products for advanced threat intelligence sharing and prevention.

Today, organizations are struggling to deal with an increasingly complex patchwork of solutions that are often difficult for already-stretched security teams to manage and operate. Many rely on a traditional network security model that is focused on hardening the perimeter and layering on additional security technologies. This complexity of multiple disparate security products, operating in their silos, is creating the need for a simplified and efficient security infrastructure that is capable of delivering coordinated visibility and control to stop threats closer to the source.

Through the addition of these partners, Juniper’s SDSN platform will expand protection against cyber threats on-premises as well as off-premises. This includes defense in the network, at the endpoint and in the cloud. Juniper’s technology alliance partnerships are expected to not only help extend the SDSN vision, but also solve one of the biggest challenges companies face – creating a cohesive security infrastructure that stops threats anywhere as soon as they occur. By enabling the network to be the center of a modern security infrastructure, Juniper will bring simplicity to a complex network of disparate security products and ensure customers have the flexibility to use best-of-breed solutions to protect its mission-critical IT and business assets.

News Highlights:

Juniper’s Technology Alliance Partners

  • Juniper’s technology alliance partners will broaden the protection surface of Juniper’s SDSN framework, helping to fulfill the promise of a truly end-to-end security platform by including solutions from industry-leading companies.
  • These partners will leverage Juniper’s APIs to integrate their security capabilities into the SDSN framework and deliver comprehensive protection across the cyber crime lifecycle.

Carbon Black Brings Endpoint Security to the Network

  • Carbon Black’s market-leading endpoint security solution will integrate with Juniper’s SDSN framework, extending Juniper’s network solution to include endpoint visibility, protection and control.
  • Carbon Black will also offer continuous visibility, monitoring, threat detection and remediation, while mitigating real-time risks and vulnerabilities at multiple points in the security environment.
  • The joint solution from Carbon Black and Juniper will offer a flexible on-premises, cloud or hybrid solution, depending on customer needs. This includes integrating security intelligence from Juniper’s Sky ATP malware detection platform with Carbon Black’s leading endpoint threat detection.

Netskope and Juniper Provide End-to-End Cloud Defense Offerings

  • The Netskope innovative and comprehensive cloud access security broker (CASB) solution will integrate with Juniper’s enterprise security solutions to extend enforcement to the cloud, enabling cloud awareness on firewalls and the ability to block employee access to malicious cloud services.
  • The integration will extend L3-L7 security to applications and services running in the cloud, while helping customers with safe cloud enablement and enhancing cloud service visibility, security and compliance.
  • It will also provide malware protection for cloud services and share security intelligence through integration with Juniper Networks® Sky ATP.

CipherCloud Integrates with Juniper to Extend Enterprise Security Policies to the Cloud

  • CipherCloud’s CASB platform will extend Juniper’s enterprise security solutions with visibility, adaptive control and strong encryption for cloud apps and data, while sharing threat intelligence through Juniper’s Sky ATP.
  • Shadow IT controls will mine and aggregate through Juniper Networks® SRX logs to discover cloud usage and risk for over 14,000 clouds with 60 cloud risk attributes, while enabling contextual access control on cloud-bound traffic.
  • Cloud content protection will detect data leaks in real time, add collaboration and remediation controls and selectively encrypt sensitive data, while detailed dashboard analytics will monitor user behavior across clouds and detect anomalies in real time.

ForeScout and Juniper to Deliver a Pervasive Access Control and IoT Security Solution

  • ForeScout integrates with Juniper to provide end-customers with continuous and real-time visibility and control of traditional and IoT devices the instant they connect to the end-customer’s network.
  • The integration with ForeScout’s agentless technology simplifies volume endpoint deployments and reduces operational complexity to help ensure compliance and increased network security.
  • ForeScout currently integrates with Juniper’s EX switches for Layer 2 (L2) access security and control.

Aruba and Juniper Extended Alliance to Provide Integrated Visibility, Policy and Attack Detection

  • Aruba’s ClearPass security portfolio seamlessly integrates with Juniper’s campus and branch network products and firewalls, providing security and IT teams with an industry-leading solution that discovers, isolates and stops next-gen attacks at the access edge of enterprise networks. Additionally, this integration will enable access security policy enforcement.
  • The ClearPass security portfolio combines centralized behavioral analytics with end-to-end device visibility for IoT and traditional devices on wired and wireless networks, along with authentication, compliance and control to mitigate risks from malicious or compromised users, devices and endpoints.
  • Unique bi-directional integration between Aruba’s ClearPass security platform and Juniper’s EX switches (Layer 2) and SRX firewalls (Layer 3) enables push/pull of user/device data at ultra-high session scalability to ensure complete integrity, visibility and policy enforcement for people as well as all types of mobile and IoT devices. Additionally, this integration will enable access security policy enforcement on third-party switches and wireless LAN.