KS Arcis partners KloudLearn to deliver Enterprise Training and Driving Business Performance

CIOReviewIndia Team | Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 05:32 IST

KS Arcis, a leading business process outsourcing provider has selected KloudLearn to deliver effective enterprise training and drive business performance. With advanced enterprise learning features such as Gamification, Social Learning, and Blended Learning, KloudLearn helps organisations improve productivity, reduce Process Risk by offering high quality goal-based training. Furthermore, KloudLearn’s powerful LXP capabilities will help KS Arcis deliver targeted learning to each employee while tracking the progress of training to maximise effectiveness.
KS Arcis (KSA) is a joint venture between Moore Kingston Smith LLP, a UK top 20 firm of accountants, and Arcis e-Services Pvt Ltd one of India's accomplished and leading business process outsourcing providers. It has a team of highly skilled and trained professionals providing end-to-end finance and accounting services to clients based in UK, Europe, Canada, and USA.
“The ultimate goal at KS Arcis is to deliver exceptional service and commitment to its clients and drive business performance. KS Arcis is delighted that KloudLearn has made this a reality for them. KloudLearn’s Next Generation Platform will help us provide impactful and engaging enterprise training.” said Rahul Gupta – VP, Human Resources & Enabling Functions.
KS Arcis will use KloudLearn’s Autonomous Learning Platform to streamline its employee training by offering its workforce a personalized and engaging Training experience with:
Course Authoring:
KloudLearn’s built-in course authoring tool allows one to quickly create and share interactive training content in minutes. The course authoring tool helps Administrators build multiple courses that contain dynamic video lessons, rich text articles, screen casting sessions and more. Furthermore, several types of quizzes, tests and surveys can be created with ease and assigned to these training courses to evaluate employee training performance.
Content Library:
KloudLearn’s Content Library offers a vast collection of high-quality ready-made training courses that have been built and curated for effective enterprise learning. The library includes over 100 thousand ready-made video-based training courses in various subject areas like compliance, customer service, cybersecurity, sales, and more.

KloudLearn aims to help organizations deliver a highly personalized and engaging enterprise training experience by integrating learning content from multiple sources and recommending based on learner’s skill levels, competencies, interests, job relevance, and more.
Analytics and Reporting:

KloudLearn powerful analytics and reporting feature will enable KS Arcis to track progress and evaluate the impact of their training program in real-time. Admins can quickly gain actionable insights by analyzing training performance at the course level and individual learner level.
Effective enterprise training is an essential strategy for driving business performance. Today, with organizations allowing their workforce to work remotely; a reliable environment is more important than ever for retaining and managing top talent. KloudLearn is honored to collaborate with KS Arcis to deliver the clients and their employees an agile AI-powered learning platform that will enable them to innovate and continue to learn consistently, said Prashant Hariharan, KloudLearn.
KloudLearn is delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) to clients globally. KloudLearn is free for up to 100 users. For larger user groups, KloudLearn offers a graduated discount schedule.