Manipal Hospitals signs up with Fujifilm tech to utilize the latters digital technology

CIOTechOutlook Team | Wednesday, 25 January 2023, 04:14 IST
Manipal Hospitals and Fujifilm India have a contract in place to use the latter's digital technology to store private medical records and photos.
A substantial Picture Archiving and Communication System would be given to Manipal Hospitals by Fujiflim India as part of the long-term deal (PACS). Sensitive documents, films, and reports don't need to be manually stored, retrieved, or sent thanks to the PACS.
Additionally, the next-generation system will make it possible to store sensitive medical data on secure off-site servers and make it accessible from anywhere in the globe via mobile devices and workstations thanks to PACS software. According to a news release from Manipal Hospitals, the deployment would span 45 Teleradiology sites and 23 hospitals nationwide that fall under the Manipal Health Enterprises umbrella.
The interoperability that this technology provides will hasten our network of hospitals' transition to digitization. According to Manipal Hospitals CEO Dilip Jose, this approach will make it more easy for both clinicians and patients while promoting the spread of clinical healthcare services provided by Manipal Hospital throughout its network.
Through this partnership, we hope to offer cutting-edge medical facilities that can both save lives and motivate people to take a more active role in their own treatment, according to Fujifilm India MD Koji Wada.