OpenCar Demonstrates New Capabilities for OpenCar Connect Framework

CIOReview Team | Monday, 08 June 2015, 09:47 IST

FREMONT, CA: OpenCar, an automotive infotainment & telematics toolmaker has announced the completion of all core capabilities for standards-based OpenCar Connect framework. The framework comprises of all core functionality required by automakers to build, test and deploy robust infotainment and telematics applications and Human Machine Interaction (HMI) features. OpenCar demonstrates optimized workflow for automotive infotainment feature development and its expanding telematics. OpenCar exhibits a number of new infotainment applications and IoT device connectivity enabling in-car and remote cameras, external sensors, home automation and monitoring infrastructure to be easily incorporated into infotainment software developments. “New connected car buyers expect built-in applications and features to be as dynamic as they experience on their smartphones. OpenCar’s standards-based application framework enables automakers and their tier 1 partners to easily build, test and maintain powerful car-centric applications, and differentiated, branded user experiences.” says Jeff Payne, CEO of OpenCar. OpenCar’s unique framework allows company’s software to develop, validate and distribute new in-car applications by separating application business logic, HMI and integration middleware. To add up, HMI is easy to manage and modify enabling automakers to easily create and update safe brand user experiences.