PLUMgrid Wants Deeper Integration of OpenStack and Virtual Networking in the IT Ecosystem

CIOReview Team | Saturday, 27 June 2015, 06:38 IST

FREMONT, CA: PLUMgrid is looking forward to broaden the OpenStack and virtual networking adoption across the IT infrastructure worldwide and in that pursuit it has launched a program to test and learn Open Networking Suite (ONS) for OpenStack in both virtual environment and in the customer data center infrastructure environment.

Called as PLUMgrid Ignition, the platform can be leveraged by customers to quickly build, test, and learn virtual networking. The customers can avail the tutorials, demos and videos to better comprehend working with virtual sandbox.

PLUMgrid provides all the resources required for enterprises and service providers to learn, assess, and evaluate the OpenStack and virtual networking technologies in a multi-tenant cloud networks through its program which is backed by online, phone, and onsite support to see the tests are comprehensively carried out.

The PLUMgrid Ignition test drive can be broadly classified into three categories:

PLUMgrid Ignition Sandbox: for learning PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack in a virtual environment; creating instances, defining policies with security and troubleshooting a cloud application network is well explained for thorough learning and evaluation.

PLUMgrid Ignition Hosted: users can have a hands-on experience in customized build and test of a cloud infrastructure through PLUMgrid’s off-site bare metal environment without hardware costs levied on the users.

PLUMgrid Ignition Onsite: through this program, users can have on-premise experience of evaluating PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack with a starter kit. By leveraging the training and support from PLUMgrid, users can design, build, and install a cloud infrastructure in their own data centers.

The PLUMgrid Ignition program is currently available for North America and EMEA users.