Portronics Announces 'LiteHouse' - A Dual Purpose Rechargeable Emergency Light cum Battery Bank

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 04:52 IST

Portronics, a prominent leader in the innovative and portable digital product market, has launched “LiteHouse” - a dual purpose re-chargeable powerful emergency light with an in-built battery bank to charge your 5V devices.

Imagine your home is suddenly thrown in darkness due to electricity outage or you are travelling and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You have to use your cell phone which is running low on battery.  Litehouse comes to your rescue and lets you spread light and remain connected to the world with your cell phone.

Once you charge Litehouse to the brim, it’ll serve you with bright light for hours together.

Litehouse comes with magnetic base which easily sticks to your refrigerator, chimney or car hood when you want to use it as an emergency light. This allows you to work hands free in the bright light of Litehouse.

Upto three levels of light intensity can be adjusted i.e. high, medium and low levels. Total of 400 lumens of light is powered by 6W bright LED to lighten up a room.

The battery bank storage capacity is 4400mAh which can easily charge your phone around 1.5-2 times.

Weighing around 175 grams, the slim Litehouse is highly portable and lightweight. You can carry it around in your hand-bag or purse. Litehouse also complies with BIS safety standards.

Pricing and Availability:

Portronics LiteHouse is priced at a very attractive price-point of INR 1499/- and is available both online and offline stores.