Seclore's Enterprise Rights Management Solution Adds UsabilityInnovations

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 02 March 2017, 04:41 IST

Seclore, the leader in Enterprise Rights Management (ERM), today announced the latest release of its flagship data-centric security solution. New capabilities offered provide a more seamless experience for both the sender and recipient.

The most impactful update in the new release is the ability to edit protected documents natively in Mac. Seclore for Mac 2.0 packs in powerful new features which make the enterprise even more secure and compliant – while reducing the burden on both IT and end users.The skyrocketing number of enterprise Macusersarenow empowered with the same level of data-centric security as their Windows counter parts.

“Existing Seclore users that use the Mac platform will now be empowered to do much more than just apply rights and view protected files. They can now open, edit, save, and print protected Office documents in their native Office 2016 apps running on Mac,” stated Abhijit Tannu, CTO at Seclore. “Our goal with this release is to decrease end user friction and increase adoption by enabling users to leverage the entire universe of features provided by Office when working with their protected files on Mac devices.”

Additional features in the latest version of Seclore Enterprise Rights Management, include:

·  Enhanced user on-boarding - With innovative password free file access, Seclore’s pioneering user on-boarding process is now even faster and easier.User scan open protected files immediately after a one-step email verification – no password required.

·  Upgraded user interface - Seclore’s award-winning secure browser-based viewer now allows viewing of multiple files simultaneously. Combined with additional enhanced viewing options, agentless access is an effort less process.

·  Gain access through Google account - Further expanding on Seclore’sidentity federation, users can now login into Seclore automatically through theirGoogle account making access to protected documents even faster

·  Auto-discovery of permissions- Email auto-forwarding capabilities enable the‘auto- discovery’ of those who need access to protected content, eliminating the need to manually grant permissions to users. Forwarding a protected email automatically transfers access permissions to all new recipients, making ad hoc use of rights management while emailing a breeze. Through this feature, unregistered recipients are registered automatically, eliminating the need for manual registration.

“Our newest features form an integral part of Seclore’s vision of providing easily adoptable data-centric security solutions to organizations,” said Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore. “Witha relentless focus on reducing friction at both the sender and receipt stages of the rights management process, Seclore is leading the way in closing the remaining security gaps in organizations’ ITecosystems.”