Software AG Presents 'Digitization - The Full Story' At CEBIT 2016

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 06 April 2016, 11:23 IST

Software AG unveiled a full set of software products, services and solutions to help any enterprise manage and accelerate the transformation to a digital enterprise. Using CeBIT 2016, the world’s largest IT event, in Hanover, Germany, the company presented its experiences of digital transformation projects, its leading Digital Business Platform and cutting-edge customer use cases. With a multitude of innovative partners, Software AG builds on the depth of knowledge gained from co-innovation projects with key customers to help enterprises on every step of the digitization path.

“Today, the biggest challenge for business leaders is to formulate a digitization strategy for the unknown. With our experience, our industry-leading technology bundled in the Digital Business Platform, and our co-innovation approach with a strong focus on the fast return of business value, enterprises can confidently start their own digital transformation journeys now”, said Software AG Chief Executive Officer Karl-Heinz Streibich. “We have successfully transformed ourselves extending our product and service portfolio over the past three years in order to easily react to rapidly changing digitization trends.”

At CeBIT 2016, Software AG is displaying its Digital Business Platform, the software platform for changing markets and agile business operations. The company’s product portfolio offers enterprises a 360° digital view of their business in real time with the ability to react, within a short time window, with a digital response. This next-generation software platform empowers the digital business. In contrast to static application systems based on standard business logic, the dynamic Digital Business Platform is made to enable differentiation, innovation and agility.

The Digital Business Platform is the layer between changing markets and agile business operations, the common face of business strategy and IT strategy. It allows the creation of flexible and adaptive applications serving as a foundation for ongoing change.

  • It enables management and governance on both the IT and business sides.
  • It integrates seamlessly on-premise and cloud applications.
  • It can design new dynamic and automated business processes.
  • It can build agile and adaptive applications designed for continuous change.
  • It leverages real-time and historical data through in-memory technology and Complex Event Processing.

“Packaged applications cannot provide the necessary flexibility and speed for the continuous change of digitization. For example ERP application systems were made for unvarying back-office processes, the Digital Business Platform on the other hand is designed for dynamic market conditions“, said Software AG Chief Technology Officer Wolfram Jost. “It is through co-innovation, working directly with key innovative customers in digitization projects that we assure that the Digital Business Platform is always fully ready to meet the business challenges and opportunities presented by digitization”.

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform is being increasingly used as the software backbone for enterprises utilizing the Industrial Internet. The company highlighted the increasing business value of understanding real-time data from digital sensors, external events and customer channels and the ability to make a rapid business response.

According to Software AG’s Chief Customer Officer Eric Duffaut: “We increasingly hear from our customers that they need to embrace digital disruption, before they will be disrupted themselves. They recognize the lower entry barriers to increased competition from within and outside their industry. But they also see the incredible opportunities for increased business success that are opening daily and they see the “Industrial Internet” as the killer application platform for digitization – its business impact will be far greater than anything seen so far. Together, with our partner eco system, we have listened and can help any enterprise identify their optimal path to digitization and the Industrial Internet”.