Tech Firm EliseAI Join Hands with Sparrow To Offer AI-Powered Leasing Technology

CIOTechOutlook Team | Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 08:53 IST
EliseAI, the top artificial intelligence provider for housing, and Sparrow, a renowned national single-family rental owner and IMN Operator of the Year, have partnered to bring smarter resident solutions and services to Sparrow's portfolio of single-family rental homes across the nation. 
"Sparrow is excited to be one of the first single-family operators to bring AI solutions to prospects searching for their next home," said Jami Schulman, Sparrow Co-Founder and President. "Our partnership with EliseAI reflects Sparrow's larger commitment to bringing technology-forward solutions to make renting easier and to lead the way in single-family rental innovation."
With their AI Leasing & Resident Assistant, which was developed internally using machine learning and natural language processing, EliseAI is at the forefront of conversational artificial intelligence. EliseAI has already improved Sparrow's lead-to-tour conversion, with about 50% of prospects conducting their rental search after business hours. Emma, Sparrow's white labelled EliseAI Assistant, replies 24/7 and takes calls, emails, and texts right away, freeing up leasing teams' time to work on other duties that will benefit current and potential residents.
"We are thrilled to partner with Sparrow and together, bring state-of-the-art solutions to single-family homes," said Minna Song, Co-Founder and CEO of EliseAI. "We've operated with multifamily owners and operators since 2017 and are excited to expand Elise's knowledge of single-family homes, especially as they rise in popularity for renters. Our goal has always been to make housing accessible and to run operations more effectively."
As a high-touch, boutique management company, Sparrow has always placed a strong emphasis on the customer experience. This devotion to the customer has been ingrained in the company's basic values from the beginning. The search and application processes are undoubtedly the first steps in the seamless experience that single-family tenants prioritise.
Sparrow Chief Marketing Officer Jiggs Foster explains, "Our AI Leasing Assistant, Emma, is optimizing the prospect journey by using advanced technology to address customer pain points, such as after-hours response time and qualification process questions, making Sparrow's customer-focused leasing experience a reality. We are now able to respond to customers in real time at any hour, providing a faster, friendlier, more responsive experience while supporting our leasing teams with a 24/7 leasing assistant."