The 'Internet of Moving Things' is Here: Zoomcar Launches Cadabra

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 12 January 2017, 06:48 IST

Zoomcar, India’s first and largest 100% self-drive car rental company, today announced the launch of “Cadabra”, its flagship full stack solution for transforming the in-car user experiences. Equipped with Bluetooth and 4G cellular connectivity, Cadabra tracks information that includes fuel levels, clutch position, harsh braking, inconsistent acceleration, seat belt usage, and engine health (among others). The solution also offers the possibility of over the air updates (OTA) and this will help Zoomcar to add even more functionality later this quarter.  Cadabra will be deployed across Zoomcar’s new marketplace program, ZAP to improve the car ownership experience and help the owner save costs and reduce accidents.

Cadabra plugs into a car's OBD-II port to provide information like distance travelled, fuel used, clutch performance, and more. In addition to offering notifications to advise drivers on how to optimize speeds, save fuel, and process engine alerts, Cadabra can also connect with emergency services in the event of an accident with real-time vehicle location tracking.The underlying principle of Cadabra is that allowing access to real-time in-car data makes the driver much safer and much more efficient.  Zoomcar shares this common goal with manufacturers and insurance companies across the country. 

The intelligence of Cadabra helps Zoomcar reduce maintenance and servicing costs while also allowing individuals to better avoid accidents.  Cadabra is fully integrated into the Zoomcar app and allows the company to review and rate trips, keep track of the cumulative driver score, and give tips to improve driving behaviour (in real-time and post trip). In short, the computer has finally reached the car. The more data that Zoomcar generates, the more accurate and responsive Cadabra becomes.  This allows for a multitude of possibilities in the months ahead.

Mobility needs are constantly evolving and so are our customers’ expectations to access cars in simple, uncomplicated ways. The time is now to bring the intelligence of the smartphone and other connected hardware to the car. The convergence of these three elements will continue to transform the automotive sector by enhancing performance, safety, and driver comfort.  This is undoubtedly a stepping stone to even more innovative applications within car rental in the months ahead – Greg Moran, CEO and Co- Founder, Zoomcar.

Zoomcar is targeted towards the segment of urban dwellers who don't want to own a car, so, the company has launched “KLE” – keyless entry, which allows consumers to unlock the cars through an app and can pick up the car and drop them off at various points across your neighbourhood If you can’t find your keys, simply use your smartphone. If you can’t find your phone, use your car keys. If you want to loan your car to a friend, or rent it to a paying stranger, you send an access code to their phone. The phone talks to the car via GPRS and Bluetooth. The device sits under the bonnet and doesn’t require any modifications to the vehicle itself.

We're using a mix of off-the-shelf products and some custom-made solutions, and we're tracking a wide range of inputs. This will help us to better monitor vehicle costs, while also making it more appealing for people to sign up for ZAP. We want this to become India’s first truly hyperlocal product and for that the consumer experience is very important, everything must be smooth and automated, you shouldn't have to talk to someone at all. If the cars are all outfitted with Cadabra that can report the car's health to the owner, they will be more likely to rent the car out to individuals in their neighbourhood.– Rajesh Bysani – Chief Product Officer – Zoomcar.