Top 5 antivirus for Enterprises

CIOReview Team | Friday, 30 January 2015, 10:48 IST

The challenge to secure and protect business information across the multitude of devices is upon us. Today's enterprise antivirus solutions are designed to handle complicated threats and support more endpoint devices. Here are five following Anti-virus to follow as per as the global Enterprise demand.

Kaspersky  was created by a Russian company Kaspersky Lab. Its primary function is to protect the users from malware and runs on Windows and MAC systems however Linux version is also available for enterprise users. It provides best security against phishing attacks, virus, and malware attacks. As for its utility in the business enterprises, it provides solutions for different network components including the security for desktops, laptops, servers, internet gateways and many more. However it’s a client to core licensing antivirus loaded with complete security which suits the enterprises including pack management and reporting as its key feature.

McAfee is the best fit for any small or big business enterprise looking for increase their computer security. It allows server deployment and management; reflect of threat signature database updates, and installation on Microsoft Window Server operating systems. This software is pre-configured in such a manner that it can meet all the requirements of an enterprise at its best. Its ability to provide instant protection to the business computers is one of its best features. McAfee reduces the attack surface and helps in reducing the load on the help-desks.  It’s a client and core licensing and has other attributes like neutral language search, unparallel CPU access through Intel which makes the best for Enterprise antivirus.

Symantec antivirus is among the newer breeds of antivirus software that have huge popularity among the enterprise. This popularity can be attributed to the regular and attractive improvements that the company is bringing in its antivirus suite. It’s a client and end point licensing Boost with shared insight cache on a shared virtual machine is all about its perfect key feature. Symantec antivirus fits in all categories without any doubt. It can be modified at various levels according to the needs of the end user and thus is very scalable.

Viper Enterprise developed this popular enterprise antivirus suite. Its enterprise security software, Viper Enterprise, is developed on a unique methodology that puts all factors in practice. Though it will provide adequate protection, it might result in slowing down the systems and drastically reducing the productivity of resources.

The Trend micro business and enterprise solutions offer two types of security to the network and workstations. While the network edition of the Trends Micro internet security protects the network on which your enterprise is working, the other edition of the Trends Micro Internet security protects the workstations along with the servers so one can focus on one’s business without having to worry about attacks from cyber criminals. Trends micro antivirus is very light on the system resource that means that it uses the minimum of resources and provides maximum protection against cyber threats though it’s a client based and socket based licensing and other attributes like hyper vision based solutions with VM safe and V-shield plane of glass for enterprise which make its best choice for enterprises antivirus.