Top Machine Learning Courses in India

cioreviewindia Team | Friday, 15 January 2021, 11:19 IST

Top Machine Learning Courses in IndiaMachine learning is key to many new technologies and becoming an integral part of our daily lives. It works behind the scenes to help optimize our systems, solve critical problems, and make informed decisions. Machine learning as a part of artificial intelligence has opened up new possibilities such as self-driving cars, speech recognition, handwriting readers, spam detectors, understanding of the human genome, and so on.

AI and machine learning are pervasive and mark their presence in all sectors, however, they are still in a very nascent stage and have a lot of potential to grow. This has created a need for a skilled workforce who can contribute to this future growth. In fact, it is an ideal time for individuals to dive down into the machine learning field and start a journey to a new and better future.

For all such passionate individuals who are seeking a machine learning certification, a few good online courses are listed below which will help to begin or advance the learning in AI particularly in machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Standard data analysis and scripting allows us to process raw data and make interpretations to recommend solutions. Machine learning is a step ahead wherein we write a set of algorithms to enable machines to learn by themselves, make interpretations, and provide recommendations with minimal to no human intervention. It is a subset of artificial intelligence and goes hand in hand with deep learning and data science. Key parts of machine learning are advanced statistics, large datasets for training models, algorithms to classify new data into categories such as images, sounds, and videos.

Machine Learning Certification Course - Simplilearn

Simplilearn, a prominent training and certification provider, offering its one of the best programs in machine learning for data professionals. The course consists of 58 hours of applied learning along with four industry level projects including fare predictions, time reduction on the test bench, income qualification predictions, and privileges predictions. Eligibility criteria for the course is intermediate level in roles such as business analyst, developers, information architects, analytics managers, or graduates seeking to move into data science. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and python scripting before starting the course. The course starts with an introduction to AI and machine learning, data processing and gets into deeper levels such as supervised and unsupervised learnings, time series modeling, recommendation systems, text mining, and so on.

The course also includes dedicated mentorship from experts, test papers for self-assessment and building confidence, lab access for practice and, 24X7 assistance, After successful completion, candidates will receive a lifelong validity certificate from Simplilearn.

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program - Udacity

This intermediate course on machine learning is offered on the Udacity platform and is in partnership with Kaggle. It is formulated for professionals looking to build advanced skills in machine learning techniques and algorithms. Since the program is for intermediate level, candidates need to have familiarity with data structures, 40 hours of experience in scripting along with numpy and pandas awareness, a basic understanding of machine learning and deep learning algorithms and techniques. You need to devote 10 hours a week for three months to this program. The program will take you through advanced techniques along with packaging, and deployment of the machine learning models to a production environment, You will gain experience on Amazon SageMaker to deploy web applications and evaluate models performance. To achieve the prerequisite for this intermediate course in case you are lacking the required skills, you may go through the intro to machine learning nano degree program first.

Machine Learning - Coursera

Machine learning program brought to you by Stanford University, California, and available on the Coursera platform. This online program spans 54 hours and can be completed at your own pace and schedule. It is available in English with subtitles in various languages including Hindi, Arabic, and Japanese. It is meticulously formulated with a focus to cover all aspects of learning including theoretical knowledge, practical learnings, and industry best practices. The program covers the most effective machine learning techniques and their implementations. The program starts with an introduction to machine learning, statistics, pattern recognition and built upon other topics such as parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support kernels, vector machines, neural networks, clustering, dimensionality reduction, variance theory, algorithms to build robots, web search, computer vision, medical informatics, database mining, and so on. Program completion will equip you with all the machine learning techniques required to solve real-world problems.

Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science - Udemy

This course is forged for candidates interested in machine learning and looking to build a successful career in it. Whether you are a college student or professional wanting to switch to data science or someone who wants to add value to their business, you may opt for this course.  Candidates can access the course on the Udemy platform. This 44-hour online program takes you through the world of machine learning in small steps to develop exceptional and desirable skills in the field. The course includes 75 articles and 35 downloadable resources and divided into 10 parts. This course is suitable for intermediate level candidates having basic knowledge in machine learning and exploring to gain enhance their skills. This course helps you to master machine learning using python and R, make precise predictions, effective analysis, and create machine learning models. The course includes exercises on real-world problems to ensure practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge.

Machine Learning - edX

The advanced level course drafted by edX in sync with ColumbiaX spans for 12 weeks with 8-10 hours per week of dedicated time. Since the course contains advanced level information, one is recommended to have basic knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and scripting. The course is divided into two parts, the first part deals with the prediction of output based on various inputs based on algorithms mostly supervised learning. While the second part deals with unsupervised learning without clear-cut end goals. The course syllabus includes maximum likelihood estimation, various regression techniques, Bayes rule, classifications, Laplace approximation, kernel methods, clustering, factorization, space models, and so on.

Final Words

No doubt that machine learning is a technology for the future and started its impact on each and every sector in the world. However, this is just the beginning of something great to happen. Be a part of this change.

To help you begin with the change, this article has listed some very good online courses on machine learning in previous paragraphs, You may opt for anyone and start with machine learning training online. You can enhance your knowledge by going through training at your own pace based on your comfort and availability. Upon completion of training courses, you will receive certification which will help you in finding better employment opportunities.