Travel port and Travel Click Deal to Focus on Improved Hotel Booking

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 03 June 2015, 09:22 IST

TravelClick is a company that delivers software solutions tailored for travel & hospitality vertical including reservations, business intelligence, marketing, and media. Travelport is a multinational travel & hospitality company that operates worldwide for Hotel Booking. These two companies have extended their relationship in which TravelClick will provide latest advertising solutions to hotels who can leverage the market reach of Travelport for improved business prospects.

The new deal works like this: All hotels need to be right up there at the top of the list so that they are easily visible to the travel agents while they do the search. To that end, TravelClick sells advertisement solutions to hotels that include Travelport’s solution called Travelport Featured Property which can make a hotel be visible by getting a prioritized position in the searches when a travel agent searches for one. Furthermore, there are 67,000 travel agents connected with Travelport. This means that each hotel is automatically visible to a vast pool of agents thereby adding a great momentum to hotel’s business prospects. 

Travelport Featured Property can boost a hotel’s booking chances through travel agents. And as such, the companies are bullish about their partnership. TravelClick in a press release has said they are excited to offer all of Travelport’s innovative products.