Your Datacenter can get a New Makeover in this Festive Season

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 27 December 2016, 05:12 IST

Every piece of IT equipment has a finite life in a production environment. With the latest technologies to acquire in the IT infrastructure, space and data associated with the old one's need to be replaced. IT administrators mostly find it difficult to utilize the value associated with the old equipment. After all, equipment reliability is directly related to the profitability of the organization.

Most of the firms are reluctant to make any changes in their IT environment but with time the old equipment gets older, costs more to operate and repair, and can cause bottlenecks in overall operations.  It may require more operating cost and maintenance than a new model. Even if your equipment is in good condition and productive, it may still represent a disadvantage if competitors are using newer technology that produces better output at lower cost.

We are sharing some unique options for IT administrators to get the maximum value associated with the old equipment.

Recyclers for Electronics - If your IT environment is loaded with a number of equipment and you find it difficult to move out your used gears, it's better to contact electronic recyclers. The professionally trained recyclers are capable of removing onsite equipment with zero or minimum losses. With a small fee, you can save your time and money on removing old hardware.

Manufacturer Check - Some manufacturers offer return benefits on old equipment. This can help them in their R&D process and also useful in future developments of the same products.  It may be a simple matter to get the manufacturer to remove the new system packaging and take the older displaced hardware with them as part of the new purchase agreement. They have even options for reselling the old equipment or to donate it to charity. During this, you can get benefits on the new purchases and some additional associated services also.

Reselling - Following the idiom, one man's trash is another man's treasure. You can even resell your old gears and contribute to company's IT budget or other aspects of the business. There are many perspective buyers who look for old working equipment at a lesser price.

Sell Online - Presently, Indian online market has gained a major traction. People are becoming more comfortable to shop at their own convenience. Many particular websites allow the option to sell old equipment at a reasonable price. Also, some of the websites provide delivery options for a hassle-free transfer.

Non-Profit Businesses - There are still many small businesses running behind times with the technology and non-profits are certainly no different.  If your equipment still works and you want to replace it with new one or if the equipment is just not for your business, you can consider a donation to a non-profit business.

Donating to Charity - Donating your old equipment for a charity is yet another option to consider. This can be beneficial in terms of tax benefits based on the value of the equipment. It will release the space in your IT infrastructure and can help a business in need also.

Companies should also consider environmental responsibility before taking the equipment off the floor. As old technologies not only take space in IT infrastructure but also raise concerns about environmental factors. This can give you one more reason to go for the change. Before releasing your old IT gears, do make sure to transfer and create a backup of all your important data. No matter which option you choose, do remember to keep documentation, accessories, and software with the system.