BlueCrimson: Infinite Innovation fuelled by Unlimited Passion

BlueCrimson: Infinite Innovation fuelled by Unlimited Passion

CIO Vendor As customers become smarter and smarter, data becomes the key to competitive ad-vantage. This implies that a company's ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies. Established in 2011 by a team of Seasoned IT professionals, BlueCrimson is an IT Analytics firm that significantly solves business problems involving Small, Medium, BIG Data, wherein the data comes in disparate formats and via multiple channels and sources. Standing on the pillars of business acumen, technology strength, logical and mathematical skills, BlueCrimson strives to deliver simple, yet comprehensive and powerful Business Analytic solutions for the Enterprise. BlueCrimson's key strength lies in the areas of ETL, Data Integration, Data Mining, BI and MIS Reporting.

Founded by an IT industry technocrat carrying 18 years of experience, Aravind Padmanabhan, BlueCrimson essentially retains the reflective attributes of the colour blue. Blue represents a journey of Creative Thoughts, Innovative Thinking, Wisdom and self-mastery of skills. Color Crimson represents skill, vigour, expertise and the importance of executing the job. The amalgamation of these attributes, BlueCrimson, thus, paves the way for Infinite Innovation and Unlimited Passion.

BlueCrimson's Business Process and Product tools in-volves solutions catering to Pricing, Category and Sales Operations. Solutions are constructed on MS.NET, MSBI, VBA/Office Tools and Automation. The company also constructs Data Visualization/MIS solutions for Sales Operations, Manufacturing and MIS on Clickview, MSBI, Power BI and Tableu. BlueCrimson also expedites on custom Apps on Native Android to build Enterprise Apps on Android, MySQL, Rest API, IIS, Angular, Node, Firebase and Mongoose IM.

BlueCrimson's iBlue is an advanced Data Analysis and Reporting platform which allows for seamless integration of disparate data sets into a common database. The Data thus imported allows the user to drill down into multiple levels and create various complex scenarios by way of simple drag and drop features. Right from integration with various offline data sets such as excel, CSV, Text, HTML, etc to dynamic reporting using simple drag and drop features using either tables or saved queries, BlueCrimson's iBlue
solutions framework offers a host of different hands-on advantages.

BlueCrimson is continuously fostering a learning environment and in the process of nourishing fresh talent. The business model encompassing the empowerment of its employees has resulted in one of the best and smartest work-force. Over years the firm has been able to leverage and continuously churn the talent base of the team and harvest best in class assets and tools thereby empowering the teams to evolve as pioneers around data and analytics.

ignificant CSR Initiatives in Rural Healthcare
BlueCrimson's customers in the BI/Android segment comprise Government/NGO's where BlueCrimson specializes in Rural Health solutions building Enterprise scale Mobile Applications. The company has developed complex Healthcare Data Analysis/Reporting solutions that are now being used in more than eight districts across one of the prominent states of India.

BlueCrimson's iBlue is an advanced Data Analysis and Reporting platform which allows for seamless integration of disparate data sets into a common database

Equal focus is laid on enhancing BlueCrimson's Product Engineering capabilities by embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is in sync with its objective to give back to the society and be known as the top service provider in the rural healthcare segment.