Neoquant: Empowering Businesses With Ready-To-Use Bi Solutions

Neoquant: Empowering Businesses With Ready-To-Use Bi Solutions

CIO Vendor In the past couple of years, Indian BI market has witnessed significant growth. Organizations are coming in terms with the value of data and pouring rapid investments to mature data platforms. Large enterprises & corporate are at the forefront, followed by start-ups and new age companies. Businesses that choose to look the other way might get left behind in the digital age. Essentially, Data & BI platforms are stepping stones towards efficient AI & Analytics initiatives.

Sharing his deep insights on the measures and rate of adoption of BI, Co-founder & Director of NeoQuant, Rohit Sankhe says, "Allocation of IT budgets towards data platforms and business intelligence are sometimes done with a myopic view which leads to sub-optimal choices and project failures. As a solutions provider, we have to achieve a fine balance between long term architecture and optimal costs of ownership". He adds, "With high demand for BI & Data resources, the overall cost of implementation has skyrocketed. The technology is rapidly changing, which also adds to the cost of training and up-skilling of existing teams. Our team at NeoQuant, is happy to learn new things and grow with us. However, on the outset, the challenge remains that while the cloud based BI platforms provide cost flexibility, many organizations still lack clarity on cloud & privacy policies. We're here to resolve that along with many other challenges".

NeoQuant is a Mumbai headquartered tech solutions company that is driven by innovation and has been demonstrating exceptional leadership in implementing latest technology across various enterprise clients since its inception in 2006. More importantly, NeoQuant has a dedicated division for Business Intelligence, Data Ware Housing, Optimisation, IOT and Analytics with expertise in Microsoft BI, SAS, R, Hadoop, Spark & Jasper. The firm builds Rich Meaningful Dashboards, Mobile BI Solutions, Frameworks/Score Cards.

As Rohit stated earlier, organizations have a hard time keeping up with the changing privacy policies to even comprehend and strategize a suitable BI model that works. Addressing this problem, NeoQuant constantly works with information security teams to understand new guidelines, comply with the regulatory frameworks and build better architectures that are secure and compliant with the best practices.

What Lies Within- Core Expertise in Project Implementations
NeoQuant operates via two divisions; BI & Data Analytics and Enterprise Solutions. The company has partnered with Microsoft and Open Source platform to build cutting edge solutions across sectors. Being one of the leading PowerBI Service providers, NeoQuant delivers maximum number of implementations across India and is now expanding across Middle East and Europe. NeoQuant has specialized in BI, Data and Analytics for more than a decade. The firm has implemented BI, DW & Data Lake Projects across large enterprises.

It has clients spanning across Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Capital Markets, Real Estate, FMCG and Manufacturing sectors. Particularly, NeoQuant has a deep domain understanding of the BFSI segment. Given that BFSI is at the forefront of data driven tech adoption, NeoQuant positions itself as an End-to-End data solutions provider, offering solutions & services spanning data quality to analytics.

The organization's Software Services division has also been engaged in product development, custom applications, system integrations and mobility. NeoQuant offers a fair range of services including Business Analysis, QA (Manual & Automated) and Applications
Development & Support based on Microsoft. NET Platform, Java and PHP to large & medium enterprise clients.

Highly Capable Team
NeoQuant has implemented various cloud, hybrid and on-premise BI/DW solutions, which gives the client comfort as well as confidence of a successful project delivery. NeoQuant maintains a project success rate of 100 percent with the help of more than 70+ engineers in its data division and 15+ domain experts. This number is likely to grow 100+ in the next few quarters as hinted by Rohit. NeoQuant's core team members have been with the organization since inception of data division, which speaks volumes about the quality of work and employee satisfaction.

The firm is investing in setting up virtual labs for the juniors on-board, in order to allow them to experiment on new technologies such as spark, data bricks, R, Python and other data lake platforms. NeoQuant's team members go through a rigorous selection process which includes machine rounds, data modelling and passion for data. These processes have been built over a time and have helped NeoQuant build a strong full stack data team.

The Search for Single Source of Truth using DataOps
Speaking about the unique challenges that the firm is met with, Rohit explains, "Most of the clients that we work with, expect the BI Project to provide single source of truth, and data at finger tips with better insights into their business. Clients expect the data to speak for itself and enable proactive actions. In order to fulfill these expectations, we need to align with their business domain and capture the essence of the data at hand".

He goes on to explain how NeoQuant is adept in delivering what's expected. NeoQuant's cross domain team and industry specific data models provide an exceptional way to start this journey. NeoQuant is able to do a quick POC within 1-2 weeks of getting its hands on data. Clearly, this provides faster results and great foundation for an agile DataOps driven BI project.

NeoQuant offers a fair range of services including Business Analysis, QA (Manual & Automated) and Applications Development & Support based on Microsoft .NET Platform, Java and PHP to large & medium enterprise clients

Top-Down Approach and Information Strategy
All modern and large enterprises, more or less, have some form of data marts and business intelligence tools. However, having these tools in the toolbox is just the first step. NeoQuant begins its engagement with client in a top down approach, aligning the organization's vision and information needs across all stake holders. This helps the NeoQuant team of experts to reimagine the data topology and build a scalable architecture.

NeoQuant's ready-to-deploy data models and KPI repository can shrink the implementation time from months to a few weeks. This is achieved by using agile data modeling approach, wherein the intermediate data marts are rolled out for end user feedback while backend modeling continues over a longer life cycle.

In a first, the firm has cracked the code for building successful business intelligence platforms with lowest cost of ownership. NeoQuant provides its customers end to end services across disparate data sources with simplified solutions. "We believe that over engineering in business intelligence surely leads to fragile system and under-estimating complexity can just leave with a failed take-off", concludes the Co-founder.