20 Most Promising DR & BCP Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising DR & BCP Solution Providers - 2018

As businesses have become more reliant on high availability, the tolerance for downtime has decreased. A disaster can have a devastating effect on a business. Studies have shown that many businesses fail after experiencing a significant data loss, but DR can help. With disaster recovery as a service, the time to return applications to production is reduced because data does not need to be restored over the internet. DRaaS can be especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses that lack the necessary expertise to provision, configure and test an effective disaster recovery plan. Using DRaaS also means the organization doesn't have to invest in -- and maintain -- its own off-site DR environment.

Although the concept -- and some of the products and services -- of cloud-based disaster recovery is still nascent, some companies, especially SMBs, are discovering and starting to leverage cloud services for DR. It can be an attractive alternative for companies that may be strapped for IT resources because the usage-based cost of cloud services is well suited for DR where the secondary infrastructure is parked and idling most of the time. Having DR sites in the cloud reduces the need for data center space, IT infrastructure and IT resources, which leads to significant cost reductions, enabling smaller companies to deploy disaster recovery options that were previously only found in larger enterprises.

In order to help CIOs and CEOs find the right DR & BCP Solution Providers for their enterprise, a distinct panel of CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Analysts and CIOReview editorial board have decided on the names of “20 Most Promising DR & BCP Solution Providers”. We hope this list of vendors help strategize the best business continuity plan for the business, thereby fool roofing the organization’s data.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising DR & BCP Solution Providers - 2018.

Top DR & BCP Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
CtrlS Datacenters The portfolio incorporates co-location services, managed services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), DR as a Service (DRaaS), and remote infrastructure management.
Cubic Computing Expertise lies in infra consulting, data center, end user computing, enterprise networking & security, spanning data center, end user computing, networks, and managed services.
Gorisco The portfolio comprises solutions for business continuity management, enterprise asset management, software asset management, and IT security management.
Hexanika Builds solutions around big data, RegTech, regulatory reporting, Fintech, and data management.
i2k2 Networks Ensures business continuity through a wide spectrum of backup and disaster recovery solutions along with colocation facilities.
Innova Systems Enables disaster recovery / business continuity, application delivery solutions, server & storage consolidation and industry standard software
ITS Technology Solution Core expertise revolves around backup, archiving, application acceleration and layered system protection.
NetApp India Specialty lies in network storage, cloud computing, storage efficiency, Information management, data storage, and hybrid cloud.
NetDataVault The offerings include co-location, managed hosting, cloud services, CDN and digital media-OTT services.
Netmagic Solutions Offers comprehensive suite of DR services, DRM tools for DR management & automation and end-to- end managed services.
Ninth Dimension IT Solutions Renders solutions for data consolidation, data management & business continuance, compute & virtualization, converged/ hyper-converged platforms and mobility solutions.
Pi DATACENTERS Delivers comprehensive cloud based solutions around Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Enterprise Applications.
Premier DC Services Avails technology solutions that include monitoring, enterprise cloud backup, managed IT services and hosting services.
Procain Consulting Provides cloud-based business continuity & disaster recovery solutions with IT infrastructure services that includes consulting, managing and monitoring.
Ricoh India Facilitates Internet data centre solutions that monitor server problems or network issues.
Somfy India Builds dynamic solar shading to improve building's comfort level, reducing energy consumption and contribute to both BREEAM or LEED certifications.
SpectraCloud Enables cloud & web hosting, virtualizors, email services, backup & sync, accounting platforms, solutions, and managed services.
Sujata Computers Offers on-premise data backup & eecovery solution and business continuity management.
Tangent Infocom Avails data backup & recovery solutions, data center solution, network integration solution and business availability & continuity services.
WannaGo Cloud Services Provides virtual disaster recovery, data recovery & data store, cloud backup and online backup services.