VIR Softech: Revolutionizing Business-Led IT Process Transformation

VIR Softech: Revolutionizing Business-Led IT Process Transformation

CIO Vendor India is approaching the point where digitalization has become a part of people's daily life, particularly in the aftermath of a pandemic in which processes, data, and documentation have been massively internet enabled. All information is now available digitally, and stacking sheets of paper is gradually becoming useless. This has increased the requirement to manage massive amounts of digital data. Thus businesses are looking for a Document Management System (DMS) to process and safeguard their data & documents in a secure and simple manner. Due to the obvious volume of documentation, data collecting, and enhanced compliance, many enterprises are empowered and embracing DMS. Furthermore, DMS is critical for sustaining data management quality in unforeseen conditions such as disaster management or IT disasters.

This is where Vir Softech has put much thought, time, and effort into developing a powerful Document Management System to solve critical situations, while also allowing each customer to create their own procedures. The platform may be adjusted to properly match the client's organizational structure based on specified requirements of specific consumers, saving time & money, and providing some of the most cost-effective services. As a registered service provider of the DSpace Open Source Content Management platform, Vir Softech has completed some of the largest and most sophisticated content management implementations in the government, large BFSI companies, automobile sector, healthcare industry, educational institutions, and so on.

Vir Softech's DSpace is the open digital repository software of choice for academic, commercial, BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, and charitable organizations. DSpace preserves and makes accessible all forms of digital content, including text, pictures, moving images, MPG, and databases. The open-
source platform DSpace serves as the foundation for the company's array of ECM solutions.

As a result, it is highly compatible, facilitating data migration and interaction with other business systems. It is also cloudready, with AWS and Microsoft Azure deployment options, among others. “We have expanded at an exponential rate and are now one of the leading firms assisting with businessled IT process transformation. When it comes to the core of our business, we use two customer segmentation models.

To begin, Firmographic Segmentation allows us to group various clients in their business and precisely target those organizations. Second, we adhere to the needs-based segmentation approach using configurable open-source software solutions that enable clients to pick and choose the specific services that they require rather than paying more for a completely formed packaged offer”, highlights Deepak Garg, Co-Founder & MD at Vir Softech. Virsoftech approaches its dayto-day tasks with a technology-first, customer-first, and efficiency-first mindset, prioritizing customer requirements in order to meet them in an easy and efficient manner, imbued with the technology.

The company delivers open-source based ECM solutions that integrate with existing workflows and provide enterprise required functionalities. Clients are not required to be licensed and must pay for only the functionalities that they require. “As we have transformed organizations through new implementation and migration of their existing solutions to an open-source platform, our mission is to give value for money. Furthermore, because its open-source platform has no vendor constraints (vendor lock-in), Vir Softech provides a smooth transit process”, explains Deepak.

“We are developing a hosted service platform VSDOX that will be offered in a hybrid format. We are targeting SMEs with our platform so that their staff may securely access papers and data from anywhere. We will continue to focus on large-scale CMS/DMS projects, both directly and in collaboration with SIs, and will continue to develop & deliver unique features on the DSpace platform. We are also working on an app that will simplify your workflow and make it more remotely managed”, concludes Deepak.