20 Most Promising DMS Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising DMS Solution Providers - 2017

Introduction for DMS Issue

Managing copious amount of data on paper has become cumbersome. Document management is increasingly becoming key for businesses to maintain crucial business data, agility and operational speed. Document management through cloud offers a plethora of advantages like easy access, reduced maintenance and is a cost effective solution. With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous, one can store, transfer and event edit scores of documents instantaneously. Content collaboration in DMS products is yet another trend taking over our everyday emails. While we acknowledge the broad spectrum of advantages DMS has to offer, undoubtedly, there will be a continual increase in demand for better and competent Document Management Systems (DMS) with the rise in digital documents coming in. These emerging trends will surely help convert it into an advanced industry with ever-evolving innovative solutions. Believing this to be a lucrative sector in the market, a wide range of vendors has begun extending their services in this segment. This never ending inventory of vendors is making it arduous for enterprises to designate the right vendor for the job.

Understanding the plight of SMBs and large organizations alike, CIOReview offers assistance with a list of “20 Most Promising DMS Solution Providers”, an accumulation of best-in-class vendors. These carefully picked vendors understand every clients needs and deploy the right solutions. A distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIOReview editorial team has surveyed and sieved through a tremendous amount of DMS solution providers, showcasing the most favorable vendors that can be approached in this unforgiving volatile market and cutthroat business world. This list encapsulates our recommendation of vendors who in our assessment can change the complete outlook of the DMS industry for the better.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising DMS Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
Centillion Solutions & Services Avails a solution suite with services for Document Management, Document Imaging , Forms & Data Recognition, Image Processing , Interface cards and audit, outsourcing & fulfillment services.
dMACQ Software Tenders solutions for Enterprise Document/Content Management, Engineering Document Management, Document digitization and retrieval and Regulatory & Compliance Management services.
EisenVault Specializes in providing Digital Document Management, Document Scanning & Digitization and Physical Records Management & Consulting across BSFI, healthcare and retail industries.
Euphoria Technologies Provides customized digitization solutions and interfaces for document classification, scanning, OCR, IWR, vectorization, image processing and microfilming.
Excel Business Solutions A provider of services for document management, web content management, application development and maintenance, business process management and customized training services.
Flatirons Solutions Equips clients with Enterprise Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Document Consulting, Data Archiving and Dynamic Publishing services.
Foreglipmse Proffers solutions for physical record management and QR coding, OCR enabled digitization, document management software customization, offsite data storage and record shredding.
Immaculate Integrated Technology Solutions Offers a pleothora of services that include Document Management, Paperless Board Meeting Management, Cheque Truncation System and Asset & Inventory Management.
Lexmark International Facilitates clients with Data Capture, Document Distribution & Delivery, OCR, OMR & Barcode support and workflow integration.
Naesys Dimensions Extends services for Enterprise Document Management (EDMS), Business Process Management (BPM), Integrated Workflow System, e-Forms, e-Services, e-Municipality and Hospital Information Management.
Newgen Software Specializes in Document Management, imaging & OCR, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process & Wokflow automation and Customer Communication Management.
Osource India Enables a Cloud based DMS Platform that provides a digital cabinet for paperwork digitization, instant document retrieval and business process tracking.
Ospyn Technologies Offers a Digital Document Filing System(DDFS) for data capture, document management, record management, process management, document collaboration and analytics.
Patel Information Technology Services Empowers businesses with Document Management & Conversion, OCR & Content Digitization, Newspaper archiving and Database Development & Migration.
Praxeva India Services Extends services to streamline Document Management & Digitization, Portal Consultancy, Customer Application Forms(CAF), and Document Managment Integration with Tally ERP.
Primeleaf Consulting Delivers a service portfolio that includes Document Management, Document Scanning & Indexing, Workflow Analysis, Web-based Application Development and Integration.
Rechner Infosystems Assists clients in Web based Document Management, Customer Relationship Management, mobile application development and ERP software implementation.
RicohDocs Avails solutions for Document & Record Management, data storage, electronic transfer, MS Office integration and Barcode scanning & integration.
Rincon India Solutions Serves the Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors with services for Document & Workflow Management, Document Delivery, Enterprise Fax solutions, Data Insurance and Retrieval.
Stockholding DMS Provides end to end services for Document Management Solutions (DMS), covering a collection of documents, digitization, storage of physical and digital documents.