Utopia Adds Linear Asset Management Features in SAP Master Data Governance Solution, Enterprise Asset Management Extension by Utopia

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 05 October 2016, 07:11 IST

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Utopia Global, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise data solutions and a long-time SAP partner, has added capabilities to SAP® Master Data Governance, enterprise asset management extension by Utopia to address linear master data commonly associated with equipment and functional locations that are configured and operated within networks. This will enable customers to better manage their mission-critical plant maintenance, networks operations and infrastructure configuration master data. The solution is designed to provide improved maintenance planning, increased regulatory compliance and improved delivery of customer services dependent upon high availability of roads, distributed water/power infrastructure, delivery of commodities and people along rail networks.

The new features will add master data objects specific to both linear and geospatial asset data, such as equipment master or functional locations. Network asset structures like railways, transit lines, roads and highways, gas pipelines and power utility distribution grids require a linear master data strategy and can benefit from these new features. The enterprise asset management extension integrates with the SAP ERP application and complements existing data models for material, supplier, customer and finance.

"The key to managing linear asset networks and avoiding these costly challenges is to have business processes and dashboards running on reliable linear asset data across all departments within an enterprise," said Arvind J. Singh, CEO of Utopia Global. "The new capabilities enable organizations to maintain the integrity of critical linear asset data with real-time governance, thus helping to improve operational effectiveness and regulatory compliance, which can ultimately save our customers millions of dollars a year."

"Utilities possess significant linear networks including infrastructure for water, gas and electrical distribution. With the new features, utilities will be better enabled to govern their enterprise assets under the robust linear asset management models available from SAP.  This will aid in guiding maintenance efforts and help avoid unplanned outages," noted Henry Bailey, global vice president for Utilities Industry at SAP.  

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