5 Most Promising Mobile Application Vendors - 2014

5 Most Promising Mobile Application Vendors - 2014

Mobile application development market is growing at a rapid pace under the influence of advancement of network technologies, restructuring of revenue-sharing pattern, lowering of mobile data usage cost, growing adoption of smartphones, and increase in application usability. In addition, the mobile application advertising opportunity has allowed publishers to partly or fully subsidize applications, and further expedite the adoption of mobile applications. With growing mobility requirements, companies today require a large number of mobile apps going forward.

However, the surge in the number of applications has increased the risk of data theft through delivery of phishing and spyware in applications. The lack of meaningful business applications and specialized mobile applications for specific industries has restricted the growth of mobile application development. As the number of vendors in the mobile application development (AD) market grows, differentiating is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a need to select vendors that align their solution to an organization’s mobile strategy in the best way. Enterprises also need to standardize viable vendors over the next several years to contain costs and complexity. To learn mobile best practices and avoid pitfalls with initial applications, organizations can look at using co-development practices with the selected vendor. In the end, weight must be given to automation, management and deployment tools and the cross-device, cross-packaging provided by the mobile application vendors.

The Asian region, especially, India and China have emerged as mobile applications hotspots with the continuous development of cellular markets. With the increasing number of mobile application vendors available in the market, it is becoming more and more difficult to select one which is best for your organization. To help you zero in on the suitable vendor, CIOReview magazine introduces you to “5 Most Promising Mobile Application Vendors” who have proved their potential in this segment.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 5 Most Promising Mobile Application Vendors - 2014.

Company Name Company Description
Contus Support Interactive A provider of Android app develoment, iOS app development and Windows 8 app development services
i-XL Technologies A provider of mobile games development, mobile application development, mobile web apps development and facebook app development services
VolgaInfotech A provider of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets
Rossitek Software Solutions A provider of Iphone Application Development, Android Application Development, iOS Development and Windows Mobile app development
Hakuna Matata A provider of enterprise app development service for Android and iPhone based mobiles