A Practitioner's Perspective of Key Hacks to Digital Marketing

Lalit Popli, Head - Information Technology, ICICI Prudential AMC | Tuesday, 07 March 2017, 10:06 IST

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Today’s marketer is in a complex zone - his customer or potential customer extends right from people who do not understand technology, to the tech-savvy customers and a lot of different segments in between. To add to his/her woes the age old ways of doing marketing are getting obsolete and with technology making inroads at a frantic pace into our lives and choices and customer types falling in multiple categories on the trajectory, things do not look all rosy. In fact trying to create a method in the madness becomes the biggest contribution of the marketer assuming he/she gets it right.

The Digital Marketing space in India is highly fragmented and an emerging area. There is hardly anything right or wrong, and models for success are still very difficult to replicate due to rapidly evolving technologies, methodologies and its adoption. This has leveled down the field between large established companies and new companies and thus a new form of competition has emerged in the marketplace.

We will however try to find some shortcuts or “Hacks” to help you move ahead in your Digital Marketing journey if you have not started and validate if you
have started.

1) Create evergreen content

2)Understand “Audience you attract”, “Audience you want”,  “Audience you own”

3) Look at your SEM minutely

4)Optimize your follow-up mechanism

5) Acquire the right channel where the target audience are receptive to your ideas

6) Create a swipe file

7) Improve your pricing page

8) Celebrate (if allowed by law) your influential audience

9) Measure, measure and measure

Let us now try to briefly delve into the same.

1) Try Making evergreen content: Most of the experts would say that content is the king and I do agree to that. However based on the experience that a practitioner would have, having some evergreen content is very important in digital marketing.

2) Understand “Audience you attract”, “Audience you want”, and “Audience you own”: This is nothing but segmentation of the customers/prospects/visitors to your web site and how you can implement various marketing strategies once you have done so.

3) Look at your SEM minutely: All digital marketers implement search engine marketing programs to attract customers. However over a period of time these programs become bloated and irrelevant. Hence constant review of SEM programs is an important mantra.

4) Optimize your follow-up mechanism: Your follow-up mechanism with your audience is an important part of your marketing campaign, more so in digital world, where there is no physical interaction. For e.g., even an electronic receipt can include a call-to-action asking the customer to share experience or positive review on various social mediums. When one optimizes each and every interaction, you will find an increase in engagement and improved marketing without increasing cost
or time.

5) Acquire the right channel where the target audience is receptive to your ideas: Always try to be on all the channels where your audience is going to be there, but that is not all. The secret recipe is that you should identify channel(s) where your audience will be more receptive to your ideas and accordingly work on that channel.

6) Create a Swipe file: In traditional marketing, copywriters were known to keep great performing content that could be used during ideation or drawing inspiration in swipe file. Digital marketers should make use of this as well. If you stumble upon a well designed pricing page, a good digital sales copy, color scheme, etc. then save it and use it at a later date to draw inspiration.

7) Improve your pricing page: The customer has invested all his/her efforts in putting/selecting the goods/services after having approved of the price. Now, all that is left to do is go to the pricing page or checkout page and pay. So there is no reason for the customer to not experience the richness of the website here as well. In fact the pricing page plays an important role in up selling and cross selling.

8) Celebrate (if allowed by law) your influential audience: Coming from financial services one may not be allowed, in many cases, to share successful case stories. However if permitted by law, then utilizing the opportunity to celebrate success with your customers and/or partner may increase customer advocacy.

9) Measure, measure and measure: Last but not the least, always remember the mantra, “What will be measured, will be improved”.  Hence all your activities must have measurement parameters for you to measure till the last decimals.

One should remember that digital marketing is not a destination but rather a journey with a few stumbles along the way. The above mentioned points are the key to a successful and effective digital marketing journey.

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