enxcl: Empowering Businesses and Individuals with Above Par Tech Solutions

enxcl: Empowering Businesses and Individuals with Above Par Tech Solutions

CIO Vendor Business process optimization and Delivery Management Excellence is an integral part of every organization’s growth. Thriving on the latest technologies and processes for delivery excellence and consulting, enxcl with its motto ‘enhance excellence’ aims to carve a niche in the consulting space as well as amongst professionals and IT aspirants.

“Backed by 200+ years of combined leadership experience catering to multiple industries, the enxcl team takes a dedicated client-oriented approach as we envision the client’s mission as our own, right from initiation to completion. Our expertise in analyzing problems and providing clarity with an impartial stand has been instrumental in meeting our clients’ targets and achieving sustainable growth,” explains Santhosh Udayanan, Founder & CEO, enxcl .

With a consortium of world-class talents rich in technical, process, and management expertise across major industry segments, enxclleaders in the last year alone have left deep footprints across Edu-Tech, Agri-Tech, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, and large IT and IT-enabled service organizations and empowered multiple start-ups to define their business strategies, right positioning, and design of their products and ser-vices, along with technology and process frameworks. Apart from a strong pan-India presence, the rap-idly growing consultancy firm has successfully managed to dip its toes in Africa, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific and European regions.

Cutting-edge solutions with insightful offerings for collective growth
“We have used our expertise in developing customized solutions by leveraging principles of Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, Disciplined Agile, and traditional approaches. Our unique proposition is the ability to blend the features of multiple concepts to put any organization
on the path of final desired state. As for startups, providing leadership and strategic consulting is a crucial offering, but we expand our offering to auxiliary services such as QA as a Service, Product Information Development (PID) as a Service, Implementation as a Service and Operations as a Service to enable growing companies to focus on their core strengths and attain delivery excellence,” comments Santhosh on enxcl’s wide extent of assistance catering to various industry needs.

Offering advanced up-skilling and cross-skilling programs to corporates, flagship programs to management professionals and aspirants, up-skilling training for experienced professionals and job oriented professional courses to freshers are some key verticals that enxcl recognized needed strong focus and acted upon.

Quality services with long-term associations are the governing essence of enxcl’s business model. It prides itself on its strategic planning and execution which advantageously positions the firm over its competitors. With each customized Solution or Consulting it undertakes, the firm seeks continuous value addition to their clients’ processes that would enhance the clients’ business profitability. One example of enxcl’s successful consulting is the way it has revived a shelved product.

“Our market analysis and research showed a potential for the shelved product across multiple domains globally. The product development has been driven on the principles of Disciplined Agile (DA), and the process is currently ahead of its date of completion. The re-introduced product meanwhile has already started garnering considerable market attention,” revealed Santhosh.

enxcl operates on the intrinsic tenet that customer success and growth beget supplementary business growth. This principle rings true in the founder’s closing statement, “Our strategy is not a mass volume-based growth, but to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with the solutions we provide and continue to grow and diversify which in turn would fuel our growth. We are careful in ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality to build a robust foundation from where we can emerge as the market-leading business solutions provider.”