Top 6 Tips to make Excellent Whiteboard Animations By CIOReviewIndia Team

Top 6 Tips to make Excellent Whiteboard Animations

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 16 November 2020, 10:21 IST

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Whiteboard animations

You probably have seen videos that look as if someone is drawing a story on a whiteboard when explaining something. They are very common among marketers and other experts who illustrate various processes and benefits of a product. These videos are commonly known as whiteboard animation if you are not sure of, you may be in for a ride.

Whiteboard animation videos are simply pieces of audio-visual content that mimic a person drawing on a whiteboard in front of a camera. A long time ago, people used real whiteboards and a person drawing. But today things have changed and the entire process can be done using digital animation. This makes the entire process cleaner, affordable, and efficient.

Generally, whiteboard animations make marketing messages and other forms of information easier to understand and retain. Experts have linked them to higher educational potential and this makes them ideal to pass ideas across to your target audience. It is a form of content that has proven to work for many companies that must explain highly technical services and products. Video experts Spiel Creative use these videos to help convey a lot of information within a very short time. 

1. Create a good script

Create a good script

This is the first and most important step in creating a whiteboard animated video. Keep in mind that the script is the backbone of any great video and will make the subsequent steps but easier for you.

It should be solid - have an introduction, a great message for the body, and a conclusion. You must distribute your ideas or facts strategically. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the video has three parts that answer the question of what, how, and why. Tell your target audience what the specific problem your product intends to solve, how it will solve it, and why such product is the best alternative.

2. Creating a storyboard

Now that you have a good script, it is time to create your storyboard. The storyboard should show all important scenes of your animated video so that the progress can get easier for animators, voice-over artists, and illustrators. Generally, a good storyboard makes everything easier for everyone involved in video production.

You can think of it as a simple draught you for all the necessary illustrations. You can also design the screens and pair each with their respective part of the script. It is up to you to choose what works best with your team. But no matter how experienced you are with animation, you shouldn't skip the storyboard. It is an important step in the entire process.

3. Always remember the important hallmarks of a whiteboard animation video

The best whiteboard animation videos are created by merging the three important elements which include whiteboard, seamless drawing, and a drawing hand. Generally, the white part in the whiteboard is important as it helps the intended message come through. This is why it's not recommended to use different backgrounds. If you must use another background, it is best to try another video format such as cartoon animated explainer videos.

Making sure that the drawing is interconnected helps your target audience follow the audiovisual narrative. It also reinforces the idea that it is an artist who is scribbling on a whiteboard. This can make your story cohesive, continuous, and more authentic.

Your whiteboard animation video isn't complete with a good drawing hand. This puts everything together. Unless you have the drawing hand, your video will appear like a regular animated video instead of a whiteboard one.

4. Add elements that could boost brand awareness

Most marketers wonder whether a whiteboard animation video must be black and white with a somewhat classic structure and nothing else. Well, you can stick to the aesthetic rules but have fun with them. This is true if your fun elements are perfectly chosen and could boost your brand awareness.

One of these elements is color. You can choose colors that make your products or brand recognizable. Make sure the colors resonate with your brand and even logo. This can help your target audience relate the whiteboard animated video to your brand and its products.

5. Ensure that your target consumers feel connected to your brand

It is a good move to include your target audience in your narrative as this can make your animated marketing video content perform exceptionally well. It can also come in handy is an additional layer of customization in your whiteboard animated videos.

One of the best ways to do this is to create unique characters inspired by your target consumers’ personas representing the audience so that they can recognize themselves in your animated video. Having characters that are a perfect visual representation of your customers could help pass a message that resonates with your audience. This will make your videos more relevant and likely to have more impact.

6. Keep your videos short and sweet

Consumers are seeking information, services, products, and entertainment online. Unfortunately, their attention spans are shorter because they are always multitasking. To understand this, look at your screen right now. How many apps are tabs open? Do you really pay to every email that hits email inbox, every social media post on your timeline, and every text message you get? Consumers behave in the same way.

If you want your whiteboard animation videos to be successful, keep them short and sweet. The fact that they are interesting means they will attract viewers easily. Making sure your videos are very informative and engaging will keep the viewers watching them. And keeping them short means that the viewer doesn't have to spend three hours or more watching a single video about your product.


Whiteboard animation videos are a powerful tool for business owners and marketers. If created professionally, they present your business unique opportunity to reach its target audience and they keep them engaged. Now that you know how to create excellent whiteboard animation videos, go ahead and create something great for your target audience.

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