Top 20 AR/VR Solution Providers - 2019

Top 20 AR/VR Solution Providers - 2019

The AR/VR industry in India, despite adding another dimension to reality across various industry verticals, is still at a nascent stage with the potential for remarkable growth. Several researches conducted predict that the AR/VR market in India is estimated to register a CAGR of 55.3 percent till 2021. Experiencing an immersive world across various domains, AR/VR is reshaping the business landscape on how products and services are developed and delivered, assuring optimized productivity and operational efficiencies. Implementing AR/VR solutions helps create more personalized customer experiences and AR guided workflows in tandem with VR trainings for better learning outcomes, improve the safety of employees and accelerate product designing and go to market.

These technologies are changing the way we learn, entertain ourselves and perceive our surrounding environment. While these technologies are expected to become more applicable to business operations across organizations in the next few years, there is a dearth of inhouse expertise and insufficient back end infrastructures that act as deterrents to this promised growth. To derive significant business value from AR and VR, companies need proofs of concept in parallel with the business strategy, a unified governance structure, and the ability to propel innovation and employee change management. It all boils down to the need for a skilled solution provider leveraging its comprehensive suite of solutions to meet every business requirement seamlessly.

CIOReviewIndia has meticulously compiled a list of "Top 20 AR/VR Solution Providers". A panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial has finalized the list with some of the top most companies in this domain that have displayed promising advancements in these technologies.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook Top 20 AR/VR Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Top 20 AR/VR Solution Providers

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Company Name Company Description
PTC Offers an Augmented Reality technology platform that provides industrial companies with tools to quickly create and widely deliver AR content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge...
Company Name Company Description
3DScanPro Provides live layouting solutions for immersive visualization on head mounted display and also creates customized webpage with 3D walkthrough
Accenture AR/VR solutions are provided through rapid ideation and opportunity identification,consultation as well as extended reality managed service
Credencys Solutions Offers augmented reality app development services for both iOS and Android platform, and provides tools and platform to build high performing applications
Cygnet Infotech Creates Virtual Reality experiences by combining technology, art and storytelling that includes content creation, rendering processes, network transmission as well as cloud technology
Digital Vibe Virtual reality experiences are provided to the Home interior companies, realestate and also to the retail industry
Discus Business Solutions Offers customer specific AR/VR Development, AR VR app development, mixed reality solutions, interactive real time engineering and design, game development, interactive kiosk in VR, and multiuser...
Enso Immersive Experts in 3D design, programming, coding and curators of customized high end virtual reality and augmented reality solutions
Eon Reality Develops Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software for immersive training and performance products for enterprises
hedgehog lab Has expertise in multiplatform software and connected device innovation and provides augmented reality application development services,
HTSS Builds its own AR/VR solutions by understanding the market expectations and allows its client companies to outsource AR/VR talent and its dependent technologies to HTSS
MirrAR Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd Provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients cutting across the business verticals by leveraging AR and 3D technologies
Navtek Solutions Offers AR and VR solutions through mobile applications to education, gaming, medical training, architecture sectors and as well as marketing and promotions
Q3 Technologies Creates AR-VR applications for sectors like education and e-commerce that help reduce simulation costs, and maximises the learning experience
Quytech Provides both 3D design and complete development of the Virtual Reality apps
Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Provides AR powered training tool, AR/VR powered service solutions and engineering design solution
SMACAR Solutions Customized user centric and engaging AR solutions for various sectors are provided and VR solutions are provided through applications that help business owners and entrepreneurs
Tata Elxsi Develops application for VR devices and implements AR application on Android that offers field force training, product marketing, manufacturing, product virtualization
Xarpie Labs Provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients cutting across the business verticals by leveraging AR and 3D technologies
Xenium Digital Provides Augmented Reality applications and increases the use of immersive technology in education, healthcare and military sectors