Strike a balance on Cost, Compliance & Productivity By CIOReview Team

Strike a balance on Cost, Compliance & Productivity

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 02 December 2014, 10:33 IST

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Cutting cost and expenses is not a new trend! However being tandem with cost efficiency, whilst ensuring business opportunities are explored to the fullest can be challenge in itself. Fierce competition increasing customer demands in every business have compelled CFOs to now have an eagle’s eye view on the overall cost incurred vis-à-vis profitability achieved.

There is a fine line in balancing the efficiency of their operations while keeping costs as low as possible to enable healthy bottom lines. Technology is a great way to achieve that. Today, every aspect of business has become technology driven – right from HR to manufacturing to marketing to distribution. However, corporate travel being a key operational business activity, remains highly neglected which is impacting the overall cost due to the sheer fact of no visibility and control over the travel and expenses process.

In line with this I would like to initiate your interaction with Sathya K, Director of Finance & Administration, Bally Technologies. Bally Technologies implemented Concur Solutions to drive efficiencies in corporate travel spend management. During the interaction he will share his thoughts on following:

·         Challenges faced by CXO community while managing their travel and expenses (itinerary data, robust communication, risk management infrastructure, travel policies etc
·         Trends in T&E segment globally vis-à-vis  that in India
·         Which Concur solution did Bally implement?
·         What was the objective of choosing Concur? What were the challenges faced by Bally, before Concur’s solution implementation?
·         What are the benefits realized by Bally post implementing Concur’s solution?
·         Did Bally do away with their earlier existing system?

About Bally Technologies:

Bally Technologies, Inc. is a diversified, worldwide gaming company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and operates gaming devices and computerized monitoring, accounting and player-tracking systems for gaming devices.  The Company maintains more than 25 offices around the world and employs about 3,500 people. In 1975, Bally (BYI) became the first gaming company to be publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Now based in Las Vegas, Bally strives to lead the industry in innovation.

The more than 60 innovation awards won over the past four years show we are doing just that. Founded in 1932, Bally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI) provides the global gaming industry with innovative games, table game products, systems, mobile, and iGaming solutions that drive revenue and provide operating efficiencies for gaming operators.

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