Flitpay - A Bitcoin Wallet that Delivers Impeccable Support Service

Flitpay - A Bitcoin Wallet that Delivers Impeccable Support Service

CIO Vendor The Indian Bitcoin market accounts for an estimated 1,500,000 Bitcoin users. Market trends reveal a proliferation of internet connectivity, the global popularity of Bitcoin and the expectation of higher greater returns as the factors driving this market. However, for a country with a population of over 1.3 Billion and 450-465 million internet users, the figure 1,500,000 appears minuscule. Hence it won’t be completely wrong to state that the market of Bitcoin or in fact, crypto currencies in the country is still nascent. Akash Bansal, CEO at Jaipur based Flitpay, a Bitcoin Wallet, cites lack of awareness and visibility around the trade of Bitcoins as a major drawback that the market has to overcome. He adds, “We are making efforts to overcome such limitations through promotional activities where we have been trying to educate potential users how Bitcoin works, how they can purchase and other essential aspects.”

With over 10,000 users in a matter of four months since its release, Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet is a Bitcoin marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins and be a part of the Bitcoin revolution. Currently available for Android OS, the features of Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet enable users to make easy and quick Bitcoin transactions. However, hackers and the fact that Bitcoins aren’t backed by any government, add to the user’s concern. When asked about the same, Akash Bansal responded that the user-friendly app also delivers a sturdy security system that keeps the user’s account completely safe and transactions secure. “The complete portal is secured with two-way authenticity. If the user wishes to access the app, he/she can do so after validation through OTP. If one wishes to make transactions, OTP comes into play again.
With completely secured servers, Bitcoins amounting to greater volumes are being stored in the hard wallet. Hence, the user is completely shielded against any issue that may arise.” He further adds, “In the next update of the application, the single thumb authentication feature will be integrated.”

Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet is a Bitcoin marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins and be a part of the Bitcoin revolution

A key factor that differentiates Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet is the support service. Integrated with Whatsapp, the ‘Chat With Us’ feature takes the user to the Flitpay Whatsapp page where users are free to make any query or register an issue which is quickly dealt with. Moreover, Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet also features a call service through which users are free to reach out for support. Additionally, with more than one approval procedure for withdrawals and deposits, users are delighted by the faster transactions. The cost efficiency of the application serves as the cherry on the cake.

Akash Bansal and partner Ashish’s journey in the Blockchain market started when a client of the duo’s development company enquired if they could make payments in Bitcoin; after more research into the domain, Akash Bansal and Ashish were completely hooked onto the idea of Bitcoins. Today, strengthened by a team of 15+ professionals, Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet continues to witness voluminous transactions and steadily increasing sign-ups. A heuristic approach to every aspect of the service contributes to the app’s growth. Currently, the team at Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet is gearing up for the release of the iOS version of the application.