SmartChainers - Strategic Partners to Explore Opportunities in Blockchain

SmartChainers - Strategic Partners to Explore Opportunities in Blockchain

CIO Vendor Better known to power bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the Blockchain technology market has been witnessing product and capital investment at a record pace and is estimated to reach USD 7.74 billon by 2024, according to a new report by Grand view research and growing at 61.5% CAGR to 2021. Saravana Kumar, who heads SmartChainers, the Blockchain Solutions Company based in Chennai, as the CEO believes that Blockchain triumphs as the right technology in any service which involves multi parties or multi geographies where trust is a chief requirement and the increasing mistrust of the consumers in the financial services market is a key factor fuelling the blockchain technology.

Founded by technocrats who sensed the opportunity in Blockchain early on, SmartChainers delivers technology and solutions leveraging on the firm’s strong expertise in private and public Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Multichain, and Hyperledger. The firm’s technical team also brings forth industry ready skills in various forms of development starting from application, web, mobile and embedded to testing, certifications and systems design administration. Speaking about the firm’s position in the market, Saravana Kumar states, “From our deep understanding in all things Blockchain, we are offering our skill set as a service to institutions wishing to explore, build or integrate with the distributed ledger that is the Blockchain.”

Amongst SmartChainers’ popular service where the firm’s product-agnostic expertise comes to play is their Advisory services & Market expertise. Providing an insight here, the CEO explains, “When a company is about to consider a Blockchain implementation, we review it and guide the business or technical choices from an unbiased perspective. An example would be a financial services company willing to engage a Proof of Concept with a third party, but looking for a serious independent due-diligence/validation before signing the contract.
We also guide clients in choosing the appropriate teams to develop products depending on its characteristics.” Another key service at SmartChainers is the Exploratory Study or Workshop service where the firm conducts an in-house study of the areas where Blockchain could be an opportunity for the client, producing a documented report on the team’s findings. Speaking on the SmartChainers’ Feasibility Study, Saravana Kumar divulges that this service plays a major role for startups or entrepreneurs looking to raise capital and covers technical and financial viability of an idea. The firm’s expertise in Blockchain domain further enables the firm to extend to the clients the Proof of Concept and Sprints service whereby the team is able to deliver clients a proof of concept within a week.

SmartChainers delivers technology and solutions leveraging on the firm’s strong expertise in private and public Blockchain technologies

Along with services, SmartChainers also imparts special training services to employees and individuals with no previous Blockchain experience to specialized training for senior Blockchain developers and executives.

Cryptocurrency capabilities and successful implementation of several ICO programs to companies in Europe and the Americas earn the firm distinction in the market. Driven by the aim to establish SmartChainers as a leading Blockchain company at par with Ethereum, Saravana Kumar concludes, “Defining your strategy around Blockchain is a necessity. From inexpensive market-watch to leading research in distributed ledgers, having a strategy doesn't mean spending millions in technology but knowing where you want to be when these threats and opportunities go live. SmartChainers will help you pick the right direction for your company in line with your values.”