JK Technosoft: Delivering Robust and Future-proof Blockchain Solutions

JK Technosoft: Delivering Robust and Future-proof Blockchain Solutions

CIO Vendor Blockchain is a next gen technology which is revolutionizing the operations and processes across industries and government departments, and shows great promise of continuing to do so. It has come a long way from being an emerging technology waiting to be leveraged to having numerous successful use cases across industry verticals. However, implementing blockchain as per the business objective remains a challenge and demands comprehension of the existing business processes to achieve the desired results. Moreover, to fully reap the benefits out of such technology solutions, it is necessary that every stakeholder in the business network is a part of the blockchain solution. Hence, a blockchain solution provider should be able to understand the nuances across its implementation over a business network, and also have the ability to educate the stakeholders about the overall benefits and challenges surrounding it.

With a consulting cum implementation-based approach, a Noida head quartered company JK Technosoft has been offering robust blockchain solution wherein the entire lifecycle of solution is divided into a set of interlinked but independently measurable ones. Following a unique approach, the company indulges itself in a twoweek blockchain readiness workshop where their expert Blockchain consultants utilize robust Design Thinking to evaluate participants’ business network and educate them for short/ long term benefits that the solution will deliver. Furthermore, based on the roadmap derived from the workshop, variation of POC, Pilot and Accelerate phases, JF Technosoft delivers scalable solution that enables maximum participation. Their robust services are across Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain Custom Development, and Innovation lab that can churn out Proof of Values.

“Last financial year, we invested in building the team, training our resources and conducting research in affiliation with our long-term/old
clients to carve out a robust approach. Our team is now fully geared up to deliver blockchain services across four major platforms viz Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, and Multichain,” highlights Praveen Kumar, Head of Digital and Innovation, JK Technosoft. He goes on to add how their 25 years of experience in IT sector has mustered significant amount of process knowledge and expertise across industries/verticals.

Our team is fully geared up to deliver blockchain services across four major platforms viz Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, and Multichain

Superior Solutions Built through Design Thinking
JK Technosoft has always taken Design Thinking as the core in any of its service offerings, which is aimed at delivering superior solutions that have lower risks and costs of change, considering employee buy-in. The company is focused on providing its clients with best outcomes by not only enabling a seamless implementation of technology, but also transforming the workforce into a productive digital one. Speaking about Design Thinking, Praveen regards it as an ideal framework to help break down the problem to its core, further aiding in taking emphasis forward from short-term benefits to deriving long-term value.

“We have worked with a few selected partners/clients to map out the solution outline in Insurance, Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail and Pharma space. We have delivered solutions in Life Cycle Management, Track-n-Trace and Reward Points management, to name a few,” states Praveen.

The company is planning on harnessing blockchain capabilities through long term gradual scaling plan which will be focused on reskilling the workforce, recruiting proven experts, and also bringing in fresh talents from universities. By April 2020, JK Technosoft expects its blockchain team to grow significantly as the demand for blockchain-led solutions is surging rapidly.