Zuron Fintech: Bringing Transparency into Invoice based Financing

Zuron Fintech: Bringing Transparency into Invoice based Financing

CIO Vendor Financing is the need for every corporate, large, medium or small. In the current environment, barring few large corporates, every enterprise irrespective of the industry, is facing challenges in fundraising. Invoice discounting is seen as the only savior for these enterprises to raise funds. Traditionally, Invoice discounting has experienced lack of trust and transparency in certain cases, Zuron Fin-tech, a Mumbai based Start-up brings in trust and transparency into the invoice discounting process using Block-chain technology. Thereby making fund raising via invoice discounting quick & convenient for borrower and transparent & trust worthy for lenders.

Helping Businesses Raise Funds
Zuron Fin-tech is a Digital SupplyChain Finance Marketplace, offers seamless invoice discounting process, making lending more transparent and secure by minimizing the application process time. The platform also helps identify duplicate invoices, thereby minimizing risk for the lenders. “We provide end-to-end digital platform solution for the supply chain finance, and bring-in all stakeholders in the supply chain onto to have huge potential to grow, but majority of these enterprises are stuck in managing their supply chain. Zuron’s digital marketplace platform will be a game changer in this domain, helping enterprise unlock the potential of supply chain,” says Kadam Shah, CEO, and Zuron Fin-tech, who comes from a supply chain background. “Every crisis brings in opportunity for innovation and problems lead to the solution with renewed thought process. I faced numerous challenges while raising funds for my supply chain business.

I recognized gaps due to lack of process understanding in the supply chain financing field, making it difficult to raise financing for working capital. So,
I decided to solve the problem by setting up end-to-end Digital platform for Supply Chain Finance,” he adds.

Complete Risk Management for Banks and NBFCs
In addition to helping enterprise raise working capital thru Zuron enables and offers Supply Chain Finance specific end-to-end Loan Management process (LMS) and integrated Loan Origination system (LOS) for the banks and NBFCs. This integrated technology helps lenders monitoring entire supply chain finance transaction and also manage day to day operations on the single platform.

We provide end-toend digital platform solution for the supply chain finance, and bring-in all stakeholders in the supply chain onto to a single integrated platform

This integrated solution also helps financial institutions effectively address the problem of financial frauds in the supply chain financing. “One of the leading NBFC is already using Zuron’s integrated Digital Platform for their supply chain financing. Our Digital platform also help banks and NBFCs, minimize the risk in lending by empower businesses to use invoice as collateral to raise financing for working capital.” informs Ravi Chamria, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Architect, Zuron Fin-tech. Ravi has rich experience in building innovative tech solutions and assisting banks and NBFCs in their digital transformation journey.

Gearing up for the future, Zuron Fin-tech aims to assist SMEs and MSMEs raise working capital finance using supply chain finance.