99tests Included in Gartner's Market Guide for Crowdsourced Applications Testing Services

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 05:43 IST

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Gartner, Inc is a leading American research & advisory firm that specializes in IT & business insights. Gartner research is a popular source for analytical insights for business leaders, government agencies, investors and large companies around the globe.

In their latest report, titled “Market Guide for Crowdsourced Application Testing Services” they have highlighted the key benefits of crowd testing and the top testing communities around the world.

Highlights of the Gartner Report

· The research predicts that by 2018, crowdsourcing will constitute 20% of all enterprise application development sourcing initiatives.

·Traditional IT service providers have started adding crowd testing services to their portfolio, which has further increased awareness about this concept. Gartner inquires about using crowdsourcing have increased by around 40% in the past year.

· The total number of crowd testers available from the vendors mentioned in this report is over 1 million.

· Although, there are many crowdsourcing communities in the market, very few of them offer software testing services. Gartner estimates the total count of crowd testing platforms at around 30 world-wide. The report provides a comprehensive report on testing services provided by 20+ top crowd testing companies, including 99tests.

Key Highlights of Crowd testing

Crowdsourcing gives access to technically skilled and capable software testers from around the globe. Finding skilled testers for software testing projects is difficult & challenging. Through crowd testing platforms, companies can meet their need for talent in a short duration. Chosen crowd testers from various demographics test the application on their own devices.

The most common uses include various specialized testing needs like functional and usability testing for mobile & web-based applications. Crowd testing is effective for ensuring quality and functionality with primarily external users compared to traditional testing services that involves only internal users.

This is ideal for localization, usability and functional testing of user-centric apps. Further, crowd testing offers benefits of getting faster results and is proven to be more cost-effective.

Crowd testing thus enables mobile applications to be tested by real users on real devices with many configurations.

Apart from mobile technology, Gartner predicts that crowd testing will play a major role in Internet of Things (IoT), which is part of digital business. Crowd testing platforms can help organizations test and consider the quality and functionality of devices that are interconnected.

The key risks involved includes security, intellectual property (IP) ownership considerations and governance involved for managing the crowd. Hence many crowd testing communities are vetted. Crowd testers in vetted communities are verified by the crowd sourcing firm before connecting them with a client.

Gartner states that Crowd testing is an innovative alternative to help organizations to test various external consumer-focused apps. Crowd testing can help companies ensure quality and usability of any customer-facing application where it is essential to have access to multiple testers in various locations, using real devices, multiple configurations and platforms, based the target demographics.

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