EXL Unveils Generative AI Platform To Assist Clients Transform their Business By CIOTechOutlook Team

EXL Unveils Generative AI Platform To Assist Clients Transform their Business

CIOTechOutlook Team | Thursday, 25 May 2023, 11:57 IST

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A major provider of data analytics and digital operations and solutions, EXL has unveiled the debut of its generative AI platform, a collection of products and services designed to assist clients in utilising AI to transform their companies. The platform brings together fundamental generative AI models, EXL's know-how in data engineering, AI solutions, and exclusive data sets. 
The new solution set will assist companies in scaling enterprise-wide AI efforts by leveraging EXL's extensive expertise in AI-led digital transformation that enhances operational workflows, offers fresh business insights, and delivers more individualised customer experiences.
“Businesses across industries recognize the immense opportunities created by generative AI and eagerly seek insights into its potential benefits for their businesses,” said Rohit Kapoor, chief executive officer and vice chairman of EXL. “At EXL, we help our clients understand the essential steps for successfully using generative AI, enabling them to extract real value from these solutions. Our expertise in the core of our clients' operations, including cloud native infrastructure integration, dismantling data silos, predictive modeling and identifying areas for workflow enhancements, means we possess a unique advantage in creating custom AI solutions using proprietary and data sets that creates superior AI value.”
EXL employs more than 8,000 data scientists who work in all facets of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data integration. The company plans to train more than 1,500 of these data scientists to become generative AI specialists who will collaborate with clients to generate deeper insights and improve business outcomes. 
To provide clients in the industries of insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, media, legal services, utilities, and retail with the practical assistance they require to operationalize business AI efforts, EXL's expert services team draws on extensive industry-specific knowledge.

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