Spirent and Jolata announce end-to-end testing and performance optimization solution for wireless networks

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 15 March 2016, 03:49 IST

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Spirent Communications, the leader in networks, services and device testing and Jolata, an emerging provider of analytics for network performance lately announced a complete end-to-end testing and performance optimization solution which brings together Spirent Landslide™ EDGE and CORE and Jolata’s TruFlow Analytics.

This new solution, the result of the two companies collaboration, will enable mobile operators to not only control and manage mobile network traffic, but also to leverage big data analytics to monitor and visualize in precise detail and in real-time. Spirent’s Landslide EDGE and CORE solutions enable end-to-end service validation and availability along with fault isolation in the backhaul and EPC networks. Jolata’s TruFlow Analytics add unprecedented network visibility by monitoring up to every packet/flow in the network for point and segment metrics across multiple observation points.

Combining Jolata support with Landslide enables accurate detection of any packet loss, jitter, delay and latency issues, with multipoint end-to-end segmented vision in real time. Operators will be able to dramatically reduce the time (potentially to minutes) to isolate the exact location of issues deep within the network in precise detail, down to device, port or even flow level. Jolata’s capabilities go beyond just point metrics to also include “segment-by-segment” and transactional metrics and can also play a major role in helping mobile operators to successfully deploy or optimize new services such as VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and SDN/NFV.

“It’s clear that today’s operators are struggling to accurately and fairly measure exactly what’s going on in their networks,” said John Loiacono, Jolata CEO. “If you can’t see a problem, you can’t properly diagnose it.  Leveraging big data analytics to see – with precision, in real-time, across any brand of equipment and across an entire network – creates the opportunity to enable new services and new revenue for an operator.  When combined with the powerful feature set of Spirent’s Landslide EDGE and CORE, it forms a compelling, end-to-end performance monitoring solution.”

The combined Landslide Edge/Jolata Meters can test and emulate RAN, Backhaul, Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Core and IMS. Generating end-to-end subscriber traffic and modeling complex call flows for active testing while measuring link degradation and identify capacity bottlenecks enables real-time validation of service assurance and correlate metrics that impact end user quality of experience.

“A high-latency issue may have different root causes inside or outside the network and, depending on the cause, its impact will vary across applications.  LTE networks are more sensitive to dropped packets. To detect and resolve these issues operators need new tools and techniques for determining latency, jitter and packet loss, which this combination of Joalta with Landside EDGE and CORE uniquely equips use to provide.” Said John Baker, GM of the Spirent Mobility Infrastructure Business Unit.

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