Bluelupin Technologies: Comprehensive AI and Machine Learning Services for Enterprises

Bluelupin Technologies: Comprehensive AI and Machine Learning Services for Enterprises

CIO Vendor TIn India, though the adoption of AI applications is still at its early stages, it is anticipated that the market will grow at a high rate in the coming years. Among the various AI technologies being implemented in India, the most increased investments are in machine learning applications. In India, artificial intelligence investments are expected to expand at a CAGR of 33.49 percent by 2023. The reason behind such high anticipated investments is the growing popularity of AI technologies, especially ML applications, across business functions like finance, accounting, general management, IT, operations, and administration.

Data suggests that almost 72 percent of India's businesses believe that AI can give them a competitive advantage. However, only 15 percent of them are actually using it. The primary challenge faced by business owners is the management of the large amount of data they produce. Apart from this, there are other business challenges as well which need AI integration. Bluelupin Technologies is a software development company that provides AI-based solutions and Web and App Development services to businesses of all sizes.

Bluelupin Technologies use the best tech resources, following an agile development process to keep the development process faster while also ensuring that it is flexible enough to handle all the changing business demands. It provides services such as web development, mobile app development, AI, and Machine Learning services to top enterprise companies and fast-growing start-ups. Ashish Srivastava, CEO, Bluelupin Technologies, says, "Our deep expertise in EduTech, Mobile, Web, and Cloud technologies enables us to fulfil all the demands of our clients. Apart from this, we are working with clients who are already betting big on AI. We are working with NeGD and built India's Government AI portal."
Solutions That Meet The Needs Of The Clients
Bluelupin Technologies works on the core value of innovation, evolution, and leadership through experience. They have designed and optimized their services in such a manner that it meets every demand of the clients. “We don’t have any product offering on Machine Learning. However, we developed AI solutions for our clients. For the India portal, we developed an AI-based content recommendation engine. Similarly, for an upcoming E-Commerce platform, we developed a product recommendation engine. In the past, we developed NLP-supported chatbots integrated with AI bot cloud services like MS Bot Framework and IBM Watson.” says Ashish.

AI/Ml is the new trend in the field, we adopted to the AI/Ml more than any other company. To get the best we are the one

Bluelupin has selected some of the best software developers as their core team. The team members are both intellectual and insightful and clearly understand what the client requires. The collective experience they possess helps them cater to a wide array of client requirements and state-of-the-art design solutions. Ashish says, “A growing team, Bluelupin comprises a 40-member strong team with its strength as the 2 founding members. Team members with credible experience in development, marketing, strategy, and design make us reliable and evolve with every project.

We have deep experience in making Edutech Platform with cutting edge technologies. Due to our strong technology credibility in this domain, we are building platforms for domestic and international clients.

The Journey Ahead
“Our aim is to be an industry leader in AI-based product development services. Through a strategic partnership, training, and hiring, we are creating a pool of talent. Our few team members are certified machine learning developers. Our clients can be benefited from our ready to deploy resource pool and experience in AI” concludes Ashish.