The Move to Analytics, All Things 'Mobile' By Brian Rice, CIO, Kelloggs

The Move to Analytics, All Things 'Mobile'

Brian Rice, CIO, Kelloggs | Friday, 12 May 2017, 06:27 IST

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There are a number of new technology trends that are shaping our industry; the strongest amongst them are the move to analytics, all things “mobile,” and the continued proliferation of cloud computing. Location awareness technology(e.g. iBeacon) are also under the radar..

Yet there is still a gap in how we drive insights from data, i.e. analytics. There is no one “vendor” solution for this, nor should there be, because a true analytics capability involves people, processes and technology, with technology only serving as one piece of an effective and sustainable analytics solution.

The Transforming Role of CIO

Not only is the role of the IT function fundamentally changing, but the role of the CIO is transforming as we continue to shift from problem solvers to business leaders who drive significant value and transformative change for the business. Leading teams through this journey is exciting, but challenging. Our biggest collective challenge as CIOs is to stretch ourselves, and the boundaries of our function, to collaborate and partner with our business leaders to not just manage through change but to predict and define it.

Technology Plays a Critical Role in Driving Innovations

Innovation has been one of the backbones of Kellogg Company for many years. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies who are not innovating will not survive. And technology plays a critical role in driving most of our product, service and channel innovations. Within our global IT function, we have a number of ways that innovation is expected, reinforced and shared. First and foremost, innovation is a core competency expected across our IT function. In addition, we hold a series of workshops/trainings called “Grow with Us” where we highlight new ways of thinking. This week, we had our top IT leaders together at a leadership meeting where the guest speaker focused on innovation, creativity, and looking through a different lens. His key message, which we embrace and reinforce here at Kellogg, was that there is more than one right answer — which is a foundational concept behind creating and reinforcing a culture of innovation. (As told to Joe Philip)

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The Move to Analytics, All Things 'Mobile'

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