Opportunities and challenges in M2M technology By CIO Review Team

Opportunities and challenges in M2M technology

CIO Review Team | Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 09:55 IST

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M2M technology is finding its application in today’s diverse environment. It all started with a single purpose but with the enhanced technology, new opportunities have opened the gates of revolution. The IoT devices have become the key to success of M2M technology. Today, the number of IoT devices has surpassed the population of the humans due to digitalization, which leads to the growth in a market value of M2M technology. It is believed that the market value of M2M will reach 27.62 billion by 2023. Commenting on this, Jim Walsh, CTO, GlobalLogic says, “More sophisticated IoT systems use “context-aware decision-making” that takes into account not just sensor input, but also historical data and data “federated” from other sources”.

M2M has many applications in the business world, as it makes it easy to analyze all the data and on the basis of that analysis efficient decisions can be made, thus increasing the productivity and quality. The M2M technology is finding its application in the automobile industry also. Recently, the Ford Motor Company teamed with AT&T to wirelessly connect Ford Focus Electric with an embedded wireless connection and an app for the owner for monitoring and control the vehicle charge setting, plan single- or multiple–stop journeys, locate charging station, pre-heat or cool of the car.

M2M technology is used for the medical purposes also, in telemedicine. Telemedicine is used for the heart patient, who wears equipment that continuously sends the signals in proportion to the heart rate to the implanted electronic device. The device gives an electric shock if the equipment finds any errant rhythm.

Utility is another field where M2M technology is widely used for the purpose of harvesting energy products, such as oil and gas. At the drilling site, several machines work in a synchronized manner. The deployment sensors help in gathering the data about all the important parameters, which are further sent to the computer through wireless signals. Based on the sent data, the computer can remotely adjust the on-site equipment for maximizing its efficiency.

The future of the M2M is intense and versatile; it is a pliable technology that can be used in every sector of the world. However, the idea of machine talking to the machine, on the behalf the human, makes the machine more powerful and human more vulnerable.

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