TECKINFO ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF NINOX+ : Unified View and Retrieval for Recorded Files

CIOReview Team | Monday, 22 December 2014, 14:02 IST

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With Government Mandate and Company policies, the practice of recording customer calls has generated large amount of voice and screen data. Though this data is useful in times of dispute, to boosts sales through customer contact, training new agents, performing in-depth trend analysis, etc. it also needs to be handled and stored in a way that search and retrieval becomes easy to perform.    

Having such vast volumes of data, scattered across the various centres of your organisation, in their local formats, also means that you will soon find yourself putting in an immense amount of effort and cost just to bring it all together in one common location and on the same platform. If you are being plagued by these worries and overheads, it is time to sit back and relax because Teckinfo announces the launch of its latest tool : NINOX+.  

NINOX+ is an independent tool that can be used at an organisational level to collate real time screen & voice recording data from each of their branches / locations on real time basis and transfer it to the central repository of the organisation. Screen and Voice data from third party recorders / logger can also push their files, through an API, thus protecting investments already made by companies at the branches and other location. Information collected at each centre is converted, compressed and sent to a centralized repository for storage over the company VPN or MPLS network. Ninox+ can also give you single point of monitoring of branches by giving you information and alerts on the status of the voice recorder / logger (whether recording / not recording) at each location.

With an easy to use front end one can find and retrieve data by simply searching based on branch, location, city, regions etc. thus saving vital time, money and manpower from this activity. This tool can be used to not only adhere to government norms, but also protect the organisation against any miscommunications, train and develop new staff and elevate customer experience to a level that encourages long-term relationships and reliability.

Bring NINOX+ into the ecosystem of your organisation and watch the efficiency shoot up while your overhead expenses, manual labour and scope for human error diminish largely.

Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo is a leading provider of various unified communication solutions- call/contact center software, customer interaction management and other workforce management solutions, HelpDesk, CRM, etc. These solutions facilitate organisations with avenues to engage their customers while working towards improving the overall customer experience.

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