Vital Intelligence Group Unveils VICAS For A 360 Degree Protection From Intrusions By CIOReview Team

Vital Intelligence Group Unveils VICAS For A 360 Degree Protection From Intrusions

CIOReview Team | Friday, 10 March 2017, 10:59 IST

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Reiterating its commitment to offer industry leading solutions and expertise in the cyber security space, Vital Intelligence Group, world’s leading cyber Intelligence Company has rolled out Virtual Intelligence Collection System (VICAS), a suite of predictive Open Source Intelligence Solutions for an unparalleled protection from cyber threats.

VICAS garners critical information from a website, social media platform or any other source including the deep dark web and analyses any internal database. It also has the capability to furnish proactive analysis tools.

The Suite comprises of unique solutions including- FERRINT -TRACKINT –FORINT-RECCEINT-EDINT and a unique FUSION-KEY CENTRE.

· TRACKINT: It enables ongoing monitoring in real-time as well as offers historical locations, movements and communication activity of individuals and groups of any size with radically improved accuracy (as close as 6 metres in some cases), immediacy and complete scalability.

·  FORINT: FORINT comes as an advanced and unique cyber forensic product that gathers data from thousands of mobile devices and hundreds of popular applications, delivering complete and overall forensics evidence set to Law enforcement, military, government, and intelligence agencies.

· RECCEINT: The RECCEINT facial detection and recognition software is based on patented algorithms that work when traditional technologies become defunct and break down.

· EDINT: The Vital Intelligence Academy’s EDINT program offers standard EDINT teaching and also tailors design specific class modules for Cyber Intelligence Analysts with dedicated education and training based on the requirements of each specific organization.

· FUSION-KEY CENTRE: The unified Vital Intelligence Fusion Center manages and supports mission-enabling command, control, communications, surveillance, intelligence collection and location capabilities via advanced engineering and standard processes of the highest levels.

Further detailing the advantages of the Vital Intelligence Group's VICAS platform, Marc Kahlberg, group CEO and MD, Vital Intelligence Group said, “ It is the only system currently in the intelligence space that offers 360 degree constant collection of intelligence on groups, places, persons of interest and in fact is a solution to counter any threat which is against the interest of a nation or mission critical organisations.’’

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