Regression testing powered by 99tests, helps Security Scorecard maintain a world class security app. By CIOReview Team

Regression testing powered by 99tests, helps Security Scorecard maintain a world class security app.

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 04:28 IST

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As one of the fastest growing security company that helps people protect their software applications, Security Scorecard relies on a flawless and reliable application to help their clients. To maintain the hugely successful & popular application, they need fast, effective and scalable testing strategy to help their engineers create world class app features. That’s why they opted for crowdtesting platform by 99tests to help their development team.



As a company that helps other companies keep their software products secure, Security Scorecard relied heavily on their world class security app.Every week new features were added by the development team that worked on a 7-day sprint model. There was a  need for an effective regression testing strategy. Their internal QA team required timely support to scale their testing efforts to meet the ambitious targets set for the app.It was crucial that the development team got the testing insights in time to ensure that no existing feature was broken during the development process.  To align their testing efforts with their development plans, they needed a testing strategy that was both fast & effective. Critical bugs if any had to be found before pushing the new features out to the clients.

The Crowdsourced Testing Solution

The 99tests platform enabled Security Scorecard to plan & execute their regression testing strategies effectively for improving their application. The access to talented crowd testers enabled Security Scorecard to create and implement test cases for testing their crucial app features in time. This helped in delivering high quality results without straining their internal QA resources. Multiple regression test cycles were run to test various features of the Security Scorecard app to ensure that no feature was broken during the weekly development sprints. The insights helped in fixing crucial bugs and ensuring the smooth functioning of the security app.    

The Benefits

Crowdsourcing not only proved to be fast and effective, but also helped the company in supporting their internal QA team and development team without overshooting their testing budgets. They were able to test their security application across 3 different browsers and configurations without making any major financial investments. Further relying on crowd testing reduced the cost of finding and fixing bugs that could have created critical issues had they not been found through crowd. Security Scorecard was thus able to use crowd testing to effectively align their testing efforts with their development plans to make their app more powerful.


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