20 Most Promising QA And Testing Consultants - 2020

20 Most Promising QA And Testing Consultants - 2020

Quality Assurance and testing is incorporating new technologies in its purview to transform into an intelligent and automated process. Businesses are embracing Agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a response to the demand for speed. DevOps is becoming a widely accepted solution for organizations which are looking at ways to shorten the software lifecycles from development to delivery and operation. However despite these various advancements, the progress of the testing industry is still being hindered by a number of concerns, where with development cycles become quicker and shorter, QA and testing professionals are encountering new challenges in better understanding, managing, and adopting different types of testing to fulfill their customers’ needs. Moreover, software testing is no more perceived to be an isolated function, and needs to effectively align with development teams to ensure high quality and error-free software. As a result, the industry is now in need of vendors that can bring new development and QA strategies, drive more automation, and improve workflow and traceability capabilities to increase the maturity levels of testing.

Perfectly understanding these demands of the industry, CIOReviewIndia offers assistance with a list of “20 Most Promising QA And Testing Consultants - 2020”. This catalogue encompasses a set of skilled new-age vendors that have translated their acquired expertise into successful software testing deliveries. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial board, we believe that these companies have the technical skill sets and business acumen to bring a perfect balance between speed, quality and cost to support QA transformation.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising QA And Testing Consultants - 2020.

Top QA And Testing Consultants

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Carnelian Technologies Offers a wide range of software testing services such as Exploratory Testing, Automation Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, and more.
Company Of The Year
Company Name Company Description
AeoLogic Technologies Delivers a comprehensive suite of Software Testing Services and round-the-clock support. It designs, develops and customizes tech requirements and creates tech solutions.
Company Name Company Description
Allerin Offers services like QA assurance, Internet Of Things, Big Data Analytics, Digital Business and Research and Developments, for various industries.
Ankyah Infinity Offers end-to-end QA and testing services to assist its clients throughout the product development lifecycle.
AQM Provides solutions such as Digital Program Testing, Test Automation, Functional Testing, Security Testing, etc.
Bhavna Corp Offers technical knowledge, proven expertise, and global insight to help organizations manage IT risk, performance.
BonHills IT Provides end-to-end quality assurance and software testing services aligned with clients’ business philosophy.
Cignex Datamatics Delivers various automation solutions like RPA, DevOps Automation, Test Automation, etc.
Cigniti Technologies Offers variety of testing services which include Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Digital Assurance, & Quality Assurance solutions.
Enhops Provides independent software testing with service offerings in both traditional Quality Assurance & Quality Engineering.
eSolutions Offers Hiring services, Application Development and Testing, KPO and BPO services.
First Tek Offers a host of tools and solutions that cater to different areas in testing, test automation, security.
GlowTouch Technologies Provides end-to-end QA and testing services including test planning, partitioning of functional decomposition, requirements definition and verification, test case design, traceability matrix and...
Intelliswift Software Provides an end-to-end Quality Assurance for Enterprise Applications, Mobility, Big Data/BI, and Cloud Solutions.
Microexcel Provides services and solutions like Digital Transformation, SAP, Custom Software Development and many more.
Miracle Software Systems Delivers services like Architecture and consulting, BPO services, Managed Services, RPA and many more.
Mobisoft Offers various services like Product Discovery/Blueprint, Technology, Solution and Architecture Advisory, User Experience Design for various industries.
NeoSOFT Technologies Provides manual and automation testing services for various industries.
Planit Testing Provides Software Testing and QA services across various platforms including Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Smartwear, IoT devises, Mainframe and N Tier.
TCP Specializes in Business process optimisation & improvement, ERP Strategy, ERP Selection, and advising, mentoring during & post ERP implementation.