• CIO Tech Panel - A Unified approach to Threat Management

    CIO Tech Panel - A Unified approach to Threat Management

    Oct 15,2020

    As businesses are expanding their digital footprint, traditional cyber-security programs need a disruptive change. Your cybersecurity strategies should sync with your efforts towards delivering the continuity of services in an environment of trust, privacy, resiliency & compliance. However, adding more point solutions that are often disconnected and are trapping data in silos is not enough for a robust risk management planning.

  • CIO Tech Panel - BFSI

    CIO Tech Panel - BFSI

    Sep 17,2020

    Banking and financial services institutions are witnessing an unprecedented paradigm shift from long-standing conventional operational procedures and legacy systems to customer-centric operations and digitalization. Aligning business operations with customers’ expectations in the turbulent times of the pandemic has become one of the top priorities of decision-makers in the BFSI sector.

  • CIO Tech Panel - Data Center

    CIO Tech Panel - Data Center

    Aug 05,2020

    Burgeoning data and proliferation of business applications have made it imperative for enterprises to have robust data centers in place to ensure high availability and business continuity. With the increasing importance of effective management of mission critical data and applications, CIOs across industries are availing novel data center services to achieve efficiency in power management, resource allocation and monitoring.

  • Tech Panel - Cyber Security

    Tech Panel - Cyber Security

    Jul 08,2020

    CIO Perspective Webinar Session is bringing together information technology leaders of the industry who will share their experience in evaluating and deploying new technologies for their business to counter cyber threats and strengthen their enterprise security.

  • Tech Panel - Digital Transformation

    Tech Panel - Digital Transformation

    Jun 17,2020

    Digital transformation is making a far-reaching impact in every industry vertical, overhauling business processes and customer outreach. CIOs today are willing more than ever to harness this potential and take their organization ahead on a path of growth.