How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Enterprise

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How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your EnterpriseBefore chats and video calls have become rampant and commonly used, text messaging was the primary means of communication. However, with innovations and technological advancements combined with the increase in smartphone usage, companies have realized that SMS or short message service encompasses potentials beyond personal conversations. As a result, several businesses have started harnessing different benefits delivered through SMS marketing.

However, despite its efficacy, some business owners still hesitate to adopt SMS marketing for various reasons. Little do they know that text message marketing services are a more cost-effective means of increasing brand awareness and customer retention, as well as generating more revenues

Having said that, check out the following ways how SMS marketing can contribute to your enterprise's growth:

  1. Allows You To Promote Products And Services

    As a growing business, you’ll continue formulating products and services to attract customers. Of course, you’ll need marketing efforts to make them known to your target customers. The use of an SMS marketing strategy will ensure that you’ll reach more consumers. Since more and more people are on the go, mobile devices outnumber other gadgets. It seems that more and more people access their emails, check websites, read the news, and check their social media accounts through their smartphones. In turn, SMS marketing can be an effective way to market and promote your products, just like other digital marketing methods. 

    Promote your new product on social media by encouraging your subscribers to share it. Add a link to your promotional text that leads to a blog post about the said product to help users understand why it’s valuable to them. You can offer even more special offers if users sign up for your email list. One cost-effective tool to maximize SMS marketing is to use text marketing software, like Drop Cowboy. Almost with no effort, you can reach the entire targeted audience of your business. You may check out this video for more information on this matter: 

    You can increase your site’s traffic, sales, and engagement when you launch a new product by leveraging these seemingly small interactions. To increase your click-through rate, you need to effectively use your limited text message space to show consumers what you can offer by clicking the link.

  2. Builds Customer Loyalty

    You can enroll customers in an SMS marketing program at checkout or when they text the business's unique phone number through social media, email, or on-site. You can even automate your phone system with the support of an auto-dialer system, like Call Cowboy. In return for their consent to receive marketing messages, businesses can offer promotions and coupons. This would help to gradually build customer loyalty.

    Another advantage of text marketing is its personalization, which is vital in enhancing loyalty and patronage. You can build a powerful bond with your customers by using SMS to deliver personalized content and discounts.

    The sad thing about email marketing is that there are often several tabs within an inbox, including primary, social, and promotions, but marketing emails often get lost in the clutter.

    In phones, on the one hand, incoming text messages aren’t divided into sections. You can almost guarantee that a customer will see a text that starts with an advertisement for a loyalty reward. Any kind of message will warrant their attention as soon as a notification is sent. You’ll gain that customer's trust sooner rather than later if the offer is something they value because they’ll see that you're only messaging them with content they find valuable. The result of this can be that they become loyal repeat customers.

  3. Wider Audience Reach

    Business SMS provides the significant advantage of not requiring Internet connectivity; a working phone is all it takes. This means you can reach out to almost anyone who owns an active mobile phone number. In this day and age of increased phone use, SMS marketing has become a prime strategy for businesses. This allows businesses to quickly reach a broader market as they can easily create relationships with customers with their fingertips.

  4. Can Be Integrated With Other Marketing Mediums

    Can Be Integrated With Other Marketing Mediums

    With text marketing, you can integrate your marketing software seamlessly. Utilizing these integrations will help you maximize your other marketing strategies. You'll ultimately reach your marketing goals if you use and match SMS marketing with other tactics, like social media ads and different digital marketing strategies. Developing a digital platform through the eyes of customers should be your priority as a business.

    Especially with automation and AI, someone can receive a text when they visited your site or tobe reminded of sales and promotional events. Your customer might need to see that text to complete the purchase.

  5. Allows Your Customers To Subscribe

    There’s a law of large numbers applied to most traditional modes of advertising. By reaching as many people as possible with your marketing message, you’ll stand a better chance of attracting prospective customers.

    With SMS marketing, you give people the liberty to opt-in so they can access your company's information and promotions. You'll need to ask your target audience to subscribe before they receive email messages about deals and promotional offers. The efficacy of opt-in strategies enables you to identify prospects better. Whenever someone opts in, this is already a sign that your product can be bought by the person, or, at least, there’s already a probability for them to become your future customer. With opt-in marketing, you’ll save your energy and time from marketing to uninterested people. 

  6. Gives Your Customers An Option To Unsubscribe

    With a saturated market, it's a given that your business isn’t the only one that utilizes SMS marketing. That being said, customers receive promotional text messages from various businesses. Customers can't do much about this endless cycle, but they can optout of getting marketing text messages from you. SMS marketing gives people the freedom to unsubscribe, just like in email marketing. This benefits your businessin a sense because you’d know that they're never interested in buying your products.

    You’d be surprised at how important this is for text marketing. In cases of people opting out due to feeling irate when receivingmarketing text messages, you'll need to formulate other strategies to reach out to them instead.

  7. Flexible And Reliable

    SMS services can advertise sales, send discount coupons, let customers know about nearby stores, remind customers of appointment reminders, or update customers on orders placed online. The activities you can do with this tool is diverse and valuable. Perhaps, the only downside it carries is the limited space for characters. The 160-character limit is, therefore, critical for businesses to reach their customers effectively and in a meaningful way.

  8. Cost- And Time-Effective

    Email is less expensive than SMS, but traditional advertising or direct mail remains much more expensive. The key to making SMS marketing ultimately cost-effective is to select the best provider and company to deal with. There are affordable packages offered, depending on the volume of messages you’re planning to send.

    Since time also equates to money, SMS marketing will become a better alternative than other marketing campaigns. The results you're going to accomplish using different marketing strategies can be the same when you use SMS marketing, except that they're cheaper and speedier. A short message is also easier to create and edit due to its short form—this sure is more convenient, too. By doing so, businesses can focus on other aspects of their business and manage their time.

  9. Increase Conversion Rates

    SMS marketing is a must for businesses looking for fast and accurate communication. Because prospective clients need to opt-in to your SMS marketing campaign, this means conversion rates will be higher. They’ll subscribe, most likely, because they’ll be buying your products and services soon. This makes them easier to convert to leads.

    Conversion rates seem to be high with SMS marketing. Promotions shared through SMS are more likely to drive customers to your business and encourage them to take action than any other marketing method.

  10. Speedy Delivery

    In many ways, SMS marketing appeals to both consumers and advertisers for its simplicity. An SMS message typically contains just a few words and a link to a website that includes more information about the promotion, making it easy and faster to read than long emails. Messages are usually short enough that consumers will read the entirety of the content. Consumers are also more flexible with SMS because they can read them at their convenience. They're also less intrusive than web pop-ups or phone calls.

    This becomes a win-win situation for companies who don't have much time in engaging in marketing campaigns that last days or months. With text marketing, messages are delivered in seconds, and the results can also happen almost immediately. SMS marketing requires much less planning in advance than traditional advertising, making it quick and easy to deploy.

  11. Promotes Customer Engagement

    When a text message arrives in one’s inbox, a consumer is eager to read it. In fact, most people ensure that they read their inbox messages the moment they get a notification. On the other hand, for emails, most people usually receive many email messages in a day, which they’d only typically read only once or twice daily. On the other hand, SMS inboxes are mainly populated with messages that need to be read immediately.

    Business owners can benefit from this phenomenon in several ways. You're almost guaranteed that people on your SMS contact list will read your message as soon as it's sent, not to mention that they'll be willing participants in your promotional campaign. Although it’s only able to reach customers who opted in, SMS can trigger a call for action compared to emails sent to random people.

  12. Allows You To Send Reminders

    Furthermore, SMS can be used to inform customers about your business's upcoming events. Whether your business is holding a webinar, a sale day, or any other event, text marketing methods can be used to remind your customers.

    Also, you can let people know about upcoming events on social media. For instance, you can promote your giveaway by reminding subscribers of the contest before it ends, resulting in more responses and interactions on the channel. Other people are genuinely forgetful, so reminding them using SMS marketing tools can benefit them and your business at the same time.

  13. Tracks Campaign Success

    The next step is to gain insights into the results of bulk SMS marketing campaigns once they’re initiated. Any business would want to know the results of their marketing efforts. These details can be used in planning their future SMS marketing campaigns to reach moreprospects and gain more attention.

    Real-time data and visual analytics can be provided by software that shows how many messages have been delivered, when they’re delivered, their status, whether they've been read, what browser was used, their geolocation, and so forth. By analyzing such data, businesses can better understand their target audience, how successful the marketing campaign was, and how to improve their next marketing campaign.

  14. Builds Rapport

    Personalization is a common practice in email marketing and among websites. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates and engagement on your site to reach out to customers with specific interests. You should make personalization a part of your SMS campaign if you wish to establish a more reliable connection with your audience. This is an effective strategy to build rapport with your audience, which, in turn, will convert them to loyal customers.

    Once a business failed to think about personalization, they could see customers unsubscribing from future messages. The things that interest your target audience should be displayed on your text messages. They simply don't want to receive automated notifications that they know have been sent on a texting blast device to numerous clients simultaneously.

    Allow your users to select the types of text messages they want to receive. By doing so, you can ensure that anyone who opts in gets promotions, news, and updates of their choice.

Wrap Up 

SMS marketing can be used in a variety of ways to increase business success. The key is to embrace its ultimate merits and to perform the right strategies to maximize its efficacy. By ensuring to create the right contentand including the link to your site, your prospects can hopefully act on any promotion that you send them. Whether it's a reminder, a special offering, discount, or a sale event, customers who’ve opted in will surely find them valuable.

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