Technical education in Punjab - A Deeper look into it By CIOReview Team

Technical education in Punjab - A Deeper look into it

CIOReview Team | Monday, 13 May 2019, 06:48 IST

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Technical education in Punjab–A Deeper look into it

Lakhs of students across the country give competitive and entrance exams to get into the engineering colleges. Many technical institutes are spread across our country, offering a wide range of courses and quality education. Punjab offers some great universities and the students can opt them for a brighter future. The universities in Punjab are good in terms of infrastructure, academics, and placements.

Engineering colleges in Punjab

Some of the famous engineering colleges in and around Punjab include, Chitkara University, Thapar institute, lovely professional university, Guru Nanak Dev engineering college, Gulzar group of institutes, etc. These colleges offer varied courses like mechanical, computer, electronics and communication, software, IT, civil engineering, etc. these colleges have great campus placements and students can also pursue their higher education from these universities and institutes.

Chitkara university offers varied courses like the computer, mechanical, ECE(electronics and communication), civil and many more. The academics and infrastructure of the college are great. Students get placement offers in the final year. Various companies visit the campus during placement time. The placement offers are not only limited to CSE or IT department students.Astudentpassed from Chitkara in ECE branchwould have other options like IT and software apart from their core companies. All the branch students can sit and take up IT and marketing jobs, apart from their core.

Similarly, another student passed from Chitkara, Punjab in ECE branch can also go for higher studies. MBA, M.Tech, banking, and civil service exams are some of the options. Chitkara University also offers one of the best MBA programs. After completing their graduation from Chitkara University, students can take up an MBA from the same college. The job offers after the MBA is quite lucrative. In fact, they boast that their programs have climbed the ladder of the Top 50 programs in India rather fast. Their tailored courses have attracted students from all over the country who have found them to their suitability and liking.

Scopes after engineering

Many universities offer campus placements. The students can take up jobs and work. Else students can also opt for higher studies. Students can give banking or civil service exam or can go for masters. Students have various choices if they want to pursue higher education, within and outside the country. After graduating from engineering colleges in Punjab, you can also take up MBA in the same state. Some of the best MBA colleges in Punjab include Lovely professional university, Chitkara University, ACET, Gurunanak Dev University, Panjab University, etc. These are some of the lucrative B-schools to get an MBA degree.

Students can also take exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc. and get admitted to foreign universities. You can take up courses like MBA or can specialize in your core subjects.


In today's scenario, there are various courses and job opportunities and a student can choose one according to his (or her) comfort and interest. If a student feels comfortable and at home in Punjab, they can complete their technical education and pursue masters from best MBA colleges in Punjab.

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