Edtechdigit Innovations: Empowering Tech Professionals & Students to Achieve Success

Edtechdigit Innovations: Empowering Tech Professionals & Students to Achieve Success

CIO Vendor Education is no longer in a traditional format of classroom learning but has become a hybrid where one has options to adopt his/her learning formats as per choice and needs. Education technology (EdTech) enables learning online, self-paced, or instructor-led. The adoption of newer technologies by businesses, organizations, and governments after realizing the importance of digital transformation has increased. According to McKinsey, there was a 25 percent increase in the use of advanced technologies in business decision-making during the pandemic in 2020 globally. This trend will flourish even more as the business processes cannot go back to traditional systems. Therefore, it has further created a huge space and opportunities for tech professionals in the areas of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber security. However, organizations are still finding it difficult to adopt these technologies completely due to a lack of skilled professionals in these domains.

World Economic Forum says, only 10 percent of Artificial Intelligence professionals are skilled globally, which means around 90 percent of AI professionals must upskill or reskill to stay relevant. Hence, educating tech professionals and students in niche technologies is important for research, innovation, and business growth. Edtech organizations can help these professionals in their learning according to their own terms.

EDTECHDIGIT Innovations is the world's leading multi-dimensional education technology company and a digital perspective creator, helping edtech businesses, institutions, K-12 institutions, governments, and individuals by delivering tech-education programs. EDTECHDIGIT Innovations is also the worldwide marketing and logistics partner for renowned certification bodies
United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII), United States Data Science Institute (USDSI), and the United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI). For all these certification bodies, it ensures to empower the learner with industry relevant skills through their multilevel program deliveries self-paced, instructor-led (online and offline), or hybrid learning formats.

“Our certification programs are recognized globally as top AI and Data Science certifications since we ensure the future-readiness, relevance, and quicker TAT of our program content by our panel of SMEs from various backgrounds who vet and verify the program content. Some of our experts are CIOs, CTOs, Data Scientists, AI Scientists, professors, etc. from Fortune 500 and the world’s best universities”, speaks Ajit K Jha, President and CEO of EDTECHDIGIT Innovations.

One-stop Solution for EdTech
EDTECHDIGIT Innovations uniquely combines its multi-dimensional approach with immense and deep practical knowledge in tech education, digital strategy, credentialing, and consulting. EDTECHDIGIT helps build the right perceptions and increase visibility to support a client's career growth. "We help organizations, businesses, and governments to become future ready by upskilling and reskilling their workforce in niche technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity apart from customizing their learning and development needs in these technologies. We are the one-stop solution for all the tech-learning needs of any industry globally”, mentions Ajit.

All their certification programs are vendor neutral and are not tied to any platform. The programs are self-paced as well as instructorled, with exclusive coverage of 200+ hours of learning through eBooks, videos, workshops, and practice codes. They provide industry relevant and futuristic program content, resulting in a 10x knowledge boost and over 50 percent increase in salary. Their AI proctored exams come with self-scheduling options 24x7 globally. They also have 24x7 support for their global audience so that learners from anywhere worldwide can reach out to them, irrespective of time zones.

EDTECHDIGIT plans to develop a robust global community of future ready tech professionals for Data Science, AI, and Cybersecurity by certifying 250,000 students and professionals across the globe by 2025. They have several partnerships underway with top universities worldwide, and also plan to expand in North America, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian regions.