Kidschaupal: Introducing Young Learners to the World of Opportunities without Eliminating the Fun Quotient

Kidschaupal: Introducing Young Learners to the World of Opportunities without Eliminating the Fun Quotient

CIO Vendor The evolution of Edtech startups began almost a decade ago, and the present market valuation of the Indian Edtech industry is US$2.8 billion and is expected to reach US$10.4 billion by 2025. Edtech has created an enormous number of students from remote corners of the country and has given the students a chance to interact with experienced professionals and mentors across India. The pandemic has also accelerated their growth on a bigger scale, as online education was the only viable option. Established in 2019, Kidschaupal is creating a nurturing community for kids to explore and venture into the depths of their interests, skill sets, and abilities and help the parents and their kids recognize and discover the child's true potential.

An Edtech company's customers comprise students and parents whose significant expectations are for their children to excel in different career prospects. Most customers choose Edtech companies to save time and simultaneously make their child learn new things from experienced mentors. Kidschaupal is a Phygital learning platform meeting all such conditions and makes the customers' experience convenient while also focusing on the overall holistic development of the child. The company started in Bangalore with a small office and has now inaugurated a Performing Arts studio dedicated to only cultural activities for kids. Over the past three years, Kidschaupal has transformed into a mid-size company where its students, mentors, and parents grow at the same rate.

"We at Kidschaupal believe that every child is unique and special in their way. We believe that the world is too big to fit into curriculums and an academic syllabus alone doesn't prepare us for life's challenges”, speaks Devendra Jaiswal, Co-Founder, and Tisya Singh, Brand Ambassador, Kidschaupal.
Kidschaupal focuses on honing skills and nurturing talents among kids through courses, activities, events, and programs instead of focusing on subjects taught in school. Talentbox and Class deck are initiatives taken up by Kidschaupal for the benefit of children from various backgrounds. Kidschaupal initiated 'KC Kartavya' to reach under privileged students to bridge the skill gap and improve system efficiency. They also launched 'KC Sakhi' to invest and build the capacities of women with skills and provide them with opportunities through online and offline modes. "We wish to build a 360-degree ecosystem consisting of students, parents, and teachers who are a part of a community that focuses on the overall development of all three", speaks Dhiraj Singh Patel, Devendra Jaiswal, and Ashish Srivastava, Co-Founders, Kidschaupal.

We want to be a house hold name that is not only popular but also revered and respected for its work - Dhiraj Singh Patel, Co-Founder Kidschaupal

Holistic Development is the Key Focus
Kidschaupal currently has 45,000+ students and 500+ mentors onboard with them spread all across the country, who conduct approximately 10,000 hours of skill development classes every month. They have an exceptional team of mentors with an 80 percent womenled workforce who deliver content extra ordinarily, making the organization more empowered, self aware and adaptable. Kidschaupal's mentors have tremendous experience working with kids, and their user friendly technology makes it easier to deliver the products even to the most remote areas of the country, including B and C towns. The company is unique because it stems from an organic mindset and offers distinctive classes and courses for kids to try out online. The organization has recently won the best emerging phygital learning platform for 2022.

Kidschaupal aims to maximize its reach to such an extent that every child in the country can discover their potential early through quality education/ extra curricular activities and a one-of-a-kind experience through its echo system driven by its tech learning platform. Their future roadmap is to reach a level where every parent and child in India knows Kidschaupal and their services.