Orion Eduverse: A Personalized & Connected Learning Cum Entertainment Platform

Orion Eduverse: A Personalized & Connected Learning Cum Entertainment Platform

CIO Vendor Today, there is a constraint in terms of children's ability to recall what they learn intellectually. Furthermore, parents struggle to enhance their children's attention spans and frequently put pressure on them to memorize learning topics. This stifles their originality and curiosity, affecting their self-esteem, personal growth, and general development. There are several options for amusement and children turn to digital entertainment but not all of them are appropriate. The lessons and key takeaways they teach are immeasurable and at times, dubious resulting in long unrestricted screen hours.

Orion Eduverse is uniquely positioned in the market focusing on a personalized & connected learningcum-entertainment platform that is safe, meaningful, socially significant, enjoyable and measurable. This Edtech startup has created a niche in the market when it comes to providing a creative, engaging and effective learning experience for children. 'My Adventure Book’, the company's flagship product, is a comprehensive learning platform in which children star in their own adventures. They embark on fascinating and enjoyable adventures while learning crucial and interesting lessons that they can apply to their schools and daily lives.

This comprehensive learning ecosystem boosts their confidence, self awareness, and personal growth, and the use of scientific approaches such as Memory Palace techniques and Discovery aid in the easy revision and recall of subjects learnt in school. Schools will always be the best learning environment for children, and if we can supplement their education in a stress-free, exciting, friendly and fun way then it's a win-win situation for everyone. The platform's distinct learning pattern nudges their creative minds and encourages children to express and share their originality and curiosity within a safe and protected online community.
“Our interactive and one on one personalized stories, as well as exceptional engaging activities, help children improve their attention and recall abilities. Empathy, we believe, fosters creativity and is at the heart of all playful inquiry and innovation. Our carefully curated adventures and activities will improve children's perspectives, creative and cognitive skills, artistic ability, academic skills, real life social skills and self expression sub consciously”, highlights Saurav Kumar, Founder & CEO at Orion Eduverse.

Considering personalization is an important component of a child's learning, the user avatar function allows you to design an avatar and immerse yourself in the journey. These adventures are designed inhouse with a comprehensive learning focus on science, socio emotional, and cognitive skills in mind. The exercises then employ concepts such as synapse strengthening, memory palace strategies, and discovery to assist youngsters in recalling and reapplying previously learned concepts in a new environment.

Orion Eduverse has created a niche in the market when it comes to providing a creative, engaging and effective learning experience for children

The platform provides an organized method to provide meaningful and enjoyable exploration and learning in a stress-free atmosphere, bringing out the best in children without making them feel the learning sessions. It is in this context that their awareness and ability to express themselves peaks, and where actual learning and growth occurs.

“So far, the journey has been thrilling. We are rethinking the edutainment sector and wanted to create something that resonated with the needs of all children while also meeting the expectations of parents and schools. So we spent a lot of time in R&D perfecting the platform's fundamental features and understanding the needs of a worldwide audience. We have filed a couple of patents and will be boosting our crew size. It currently has an eight-person squad”, concludes Saurav.

Going forward, Orion Eduverse will continue to leverage science and technology such as AI and blockchain to provide an enriched and engaging learning environment and provide ways in which children can learn and bring out the best of themselves in the most rewarding way.